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Imagine John, a regular gym-goer who, despite his dedication, always felt his arm workouts were lacking. His biceps were developing nicely, but his triceps, the true heroes of arm strength and aesthetics, remained underwhelming. 

That was until he discovered skull crushers. Within weeks of incorporating this game-changing exercise into his routine, John noticed a remarkable transformation. His triceps became more defined and robust, giving his arms a fuller, more balanced appearance. 

The secret to his success? look no further than laz tymoff mehtod.

Importance of Building Triceps

Bodybuilders often focus on building impressive bicep peaks while neglecting the triceps. However, these powerful muscles deserve equal attention, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their crucial role in arm movements and overall strength.  

They make up a significant portion of the upper arm and are vital for both functional strength and aesthetic appeal. Here’s where ‘build insane triceps by doing skull crushers – laz – tymoff’ technique comes into play. 

The triceps, comprising the long head, lateral head, and medial head, are responsible for extending the elbow joint. Well-developed triceps not only enhance the overall physique but also contribute to functional strength, improving performance in activities like pushing, throwing, and even everyday tasks.

Anatomy of Triceps Muscle

The triceps brachii, often referred to simply as the triceps, is a three-headed muscle that occupies the posterior aspect of the upper arm. It plays a pivotal role in extending the elbow joint, a fundamental movement in everyday life and athletic endeavors.

The Long Head (A Powerful Contributor):

The long head, the largest of the three triceps heads, originates from the infraglenoid tubercle of the scapula, nestled beneath the shoulder joint. It runs obliquely downwards and laterally, merging with the other triceps heads to form the common tendon that inserts onto the olecranon process of the ulna, the bony bump at the tip of the elbow.

The long head contributes significantly to triceps strength and size, particularly during the latter stages of elbow extension. Its engagement is crucial for maximizing triceps development.

The Lateral Head (Enhance Triceps Definition):

The lateral head, the most superficial of the triceps heads, arises from the lateral aspect of the humerus, the upper arm bone. It lies directly alongside the brachioradialis muscle, another major arm extensor.

The lateral head plays a key role in shaping the overall triceps contour, contributing to its definition and visibility. Its development is essential for sculpting a well-defined triceps profile.

The Medial Head (A Hidden Force):

The medial head, the smallest of the three triceps heads, originates from the medial aspect of the humerus, the inner portion of the upper arm bone. It lies deep in the lateral head and contributes to the overall bulk and strength of the triceps.

The medial head is particularly active during the early phases of elbow extension, providing the initial drive for extending the arm. It complements the other triceps heads, ensuring a well-rounded triceps development.

Synergistic Action

Working in unison, the three triceps heads produce a powerful force that extends the elbow joint. The long head is most active in the latter stages of extension, while the lateral head contributes to triceps definition and the medial head initiates the extension movement.

For optimal triceps development, it is important to target all three heads effectively. Exercise selection and proper form are essential to ensure that each head receives adequate stimulation. A triceps training program should incorporate exercises that emphasize each head individually and in combination.

What is Skull Crusher Exercise?

As its name suggests, the exercise involves lowering a weight behind the head and keeping the elbows tucked in close to the body. This movement places intense focus on the triceps, promoting muscle growth and strength gains.

They are performed by lying on a flat bench with a barbell or dumbbell behind your head and extending your elbows until your arms are fully straight.

skull crushers

Skull crushers are an effective exercise for building triceps strength and size. They are also a good exercise for improving triceps definition. However, it is important to use proper form when performing skull crushers, as using too much weight or not keeping your elbows tucked in can put stress on your shoulders.

Laz-Tymoff, a renowned bodybuilder and advocate of skull crushers, has championed this exercise as a cornerstone of his triceps training. His dedication to skull crushers has contributed to his impressive triceps development and overall physique.

Build Insane Triceps By Doing Skull Crushers – laz – Tymoff

Tymoff’s approach to skull crushers isn’t just about lifting weights; it’s a refined method that enhances engagement, maximizes muscle growth, and reduces the risk of injury. 

It focuses on precise form, elbow positioning, and controlled movements. By doing so, this technique elevates a simple triceps exercise into an art form, promising profound and visible results. 

Laz – Tymoff’s approach to skull crushers is centered on intensity and focus. He believes in using a weight that is challenging but allows for controlled movements, ensuring that the triceps are fully engaged throughout the exercise.

For those looking to transform their triceps, understanding and applying the Laz Tymoff method can be a game-changer.

Skull Crushers in Laz – Tymoff’s Workout Routine

Laz-Tymoff incorporates skull crushers into his triceps training routine with strategic variation. He often employs multiple sets of 8-12 repetitions, utilizing different variations like barbell, EZ-bar, and dumbbell skull crushers to target the triceps from various angles and maximize muscle fiber activation.

Laz – Tymoff’s Tips and Techniques

Laz-Tymoff’s expertise extends beyond his training philosophy, offering valuable tips and techniques for maximizing triceps growth with skull crushers:

  • Perfect Your Form:
      • Lie on a flat bench with feet firmly planted on the floor.
      • Grasp a barbell with an overhand grip, hands shoulder-width apart.
      • Start with arms fully extended above the chest​.
  • Elbow Positioning:
      • Keep elbows tucked in close to your head, as opposed to letting them flare out.
      • This positioning emphasizes the triceps and reduces shoulder strain​.
  • Controlled Movement:
      • Lower the barbell toward your forehead, keeping your elbows stationary.
      • The bar should come down to a point just above the forehead or hairline​.
  • Mind-Muscle Connection:
      • Focus on contracting your triceps as you extend your arms to lift the barbell back to the start.
      • Visualize the triceps working, avoiding momentum use​.
  • Variation and Safety:
      • Perform on an incline bench or use an EZ-curl bar for variety.
      • Ensure knees are bent with feet flat on the bench.
      • Slowly reduce weight until elbows are at a 90-degree angle behind the head.
      • After pausing, gradually increase the weight to its starting position.
      • Keep elbows tight to your sides throughout the movement.
      • Use moderate weights and stop immediately if experiencing wrist or elbow pain​

Benefits of Laz-Tymoff Skull Crusher Exercise

  1. Enhanced Triceps Engagement:
    Tucking elbows in and focusing on form leads to a more intense triceps load, improving muscle activation and growth​.
  2. Reduced Risk of Injury:
    Elbow positioning minimizes shoulder joint strain and reduces injury risk​.
  3. Targeted Development:
    Specifically targets the long head of the triceps, contributing to muscle size and shape​.
  4. Efficiency:
    This technique maximizes the effectiveness of skull crusher sets for better results in less time​.

Training Tips for Skull Crusher Success

Skull crushers are an effective exercise for building triceps strength and size. However, it is important to use the proper form to avoid injury and maximize effectiveness. Here are some tips to build insane triceps by doing skull crushers – laz – tymoff:

  • Use proper form: Keep your elbows tucked in close to your body throughout the entire movement. This will help to isolate the triceps and minimize shoulder strain.
  • Use a weight that is challenging but allows for controlled movements: You should be able to complete the entire movement without bouncing the weight. If you can’t, reduce the weight.
  • Focus on mind-muscle connection: As you perform the movement, focus on contracting your triceps muscles. This will help to ensure that you are getting the most out of the exercise.
  • Incorporate skull crushers into various arm workouts: Skull crushers can be incorporated into a variety of arm workouts. For example, you could do skull crushers followed by overhead triceps extensions.
  • Warm up before you start: Before you start your workout, make sure to warm up your muscles. This will help to prevent injury.
  • Cool down after you finish: After you finish your workout, make sure to cool down your muscles. This will help to reduce muscle soreness.


Skull crushers are a powerful tool for sculpting impressive triceps. When performed correctly and incorporated into a comprehensive triceps training program, skull crushers can effectively target all three triceps heads, leading to increased size, strength, and definition.

Incorporate skull crushers into your triceps training routine and witness the transformative power of this exercise. Start with a weight that allows for controlled movements and gradually increase the weight as you progress. Remember, consistency and dedication are key to unlocking your triceps potential.

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