Weight loss

Things To Try if You Are Struggling with Weight Loss

Weight loss can come easily to some, especially when they are young. As we get older and our metabolisms start to slow, losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight can become more challenging. At some point, many of us feel as though we’ve tried everything and can’t shift any weight at all. If this is the case, instead of turning to dangerous methods or punishing yourself, here are some things you can try. 

Think About Your Gut Health

Sometimes, we can’t lose weight because our gut is unhealthy. Symptoms of an unhealthy gut can include bloating and fatigue, as well as difficulty losing weight or unexplained weight gain. If you are experiencing bloating fatigue and other digestive issues, or Bloating and Weightless issues, your gut might not be as healthy as you would like. Take a look at your diet, try to reduce processed foods and eat more natural options, and learn more about how to help with bloating and fatigue.

Reduce Fatigue

If you have bloat and fatigue, or just general fatigue, you might struggle to stay active, making it hard to lose weight. Improving gut health can help, but other ways to boost your energy levels, like getting into a sleep routine and more fresh air, will also help you feel more alert and energetic, making exercise easier. 

Keep Track

Often, when we think we’re working hard and eating the right things but aren’t losing weight, it’s because our portion sizes are too big, we’re overeating, or we aren’t pushing ourselves as hard as we think we are when we’re exercising. 

Tracking calories and using an app to track workouts or count steps can help you see what you are already doing and how to improve. 

Practice Mindful Eating

Calorie counting isn’t for everyone, and it’s important to remember that not all calories are equal. For some, practicing mindful or intuitive eating is more effective and better for their emotional well-being. Try listening to your body, eating when you are hungry, stopping when you are full, and respecting your cravings. 

Build Strength

Exercise is an important part of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. But when we’re trying to lose weight, many of us are guilty of focusing on cardio exercise because it burns the most calories. Strength training is equally important, however. Strength training can boost your energy levels and metabolism and increase your cardio performance, which can help you burn more calories and lose weight. Strength training will also help tone your muscles, changing your body shape and boosting your confidence. 

Shift Your Mindset

If you struggle to lose weight and feel down about it, try changing your mindset. Instead of looking for losses, consider all you can gain by eating well and exercising. Think about things like mental health benefits, clearer skin, toned muscles, and improved heart health, and you might find that you start to enjoy the process and that weight loss follows. 

If you are worried about your weight, consider getting help from a nutritionist, trainer, or your GP, who will help look for an underlying cause.