Things to Think About When Battling Alcohol Addiction

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Recovering from any addiction is a turbulent path with twists and turns. To get past an alcohol addiction, you will go to an extremely vulnerable place that demands bravery, attention, and insight. This post covers some of the things to think about while battling an alcohol addiction.

Alcoholism Is Closely Tied to Poor Mental Health

Lots of research into alcoholism suggests that people who suffer from this affliction also experience some form of poor mental health. Therefore, a dual diagnosis for the substance abuse system becomes necessary, and finding a treatment center that focuses on dual conditions can help you create a sustainable healing pathway. Typical mental health conditions that can coexist with alcohol addiction are depression, anxiety, and a range of personality disorders.

It Is a Long-Term Journey

There is no quick fix when it comes to moving away from addiction. Alcohol is something that you will crave every now and then for a long time to come, but that is just a part of what you’re going through. The long-term impacts of not quitting drinking are far more serious than the side effects of moving into healthier habits. Your life will ultimately be better as a result, but only if you stick with it.

There Will Be Side Effects

When you drink a lot of alcohol, your body and mind build up certain tolerances. If you leave this lifestyle behind, then there will be organic side effects that you have to work through as well. This is known as alcohol withdrawal syndrome. it can be very serious, and it may include any of the following.

  1. Shaking

    Usually, this happens in the hands, but tremors are common in people who have recently quit drinking. These are different from the more serious seizures, which need immediate medical attention.

  2. Frustration and Poor Mood

    Stepping away from something you are addicted to is an incredibly frustrating feeling that will leave you annoyed, irritable, and feeling generally low. This often impacts relationships, social time, work interactions, and general well-being.

  3. InsomniaIt

    is common for ex-addicts to struggle with insomnia as well. The brain is recalibrating, and it causes a ripple effect of not being able to both fall asleep and stay down when you are resting.

There Will Be Moments You Regret

Regret is just a stepping stone on the way to authentic healing. You will look back at this time with different perspectives depending on when you are reflecting. It is normal to experience embarrassment or even shame about how you acted during peak addiction times, but this is something you need to heal from, too.

You Can Find Peer Support

One of the great things about peer support is that it remains a highly effective environment for healing. There are thousands of alcohol addiction journeys out there, and connecting with people in your local area is a great way to find strength.

Alcohol addiction affects thousands of people. The road to recovery is long but absolutely worth it. The impact of not quitting alcohol drinking can be catastrophic, and your health is worth protecting.

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