The Glossy Musings has been created to build a community of like-minded individuals searching for motivation, creative tips or ideas, tech-related info, and blog help. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! People who want to promote their website or home blog through guest posting can also write for us. The Glossy Musings is a perfect platform for budding authors, website owners, and SEO enthusiasts.

We acknowledge contributed content and articles that suit the general vibe of this blog. So, if you have the talent to write, why not share that love with the whole world. So, what kind of content do we accept to publish on our site? Posts that cover any of the following topics:

  • Travel and places (Photography, Guides, Exploration)
  • Lifestyle (Fashion, DIY, Food, etc.)
  • Personal growth (Health, Beauty, Advice, and Tips)
  • Profession and Business
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Entertainment


Before you submit your content, make sure that your article is original and there is no plagiarism in it. Then it must be unique and not published anywhere else. Publishing the same article on different platforms is considered a duplicated content by Google. We do not accept spun or rewritten articles.

  • Email us at with a short pitch, your selected topic, and the reason for selecting that respective topic. A short description of yourself like who you are and what you do will also be appreciated.
  • In the email subject, please add your suggested title. We will contact you if the topic matches our niche and proves to be a good addition to our site.
  • We recommend you submit a complete article that you have written. It must have at least 500+ words. We prefer articles with 1000+ words and will contact you in 7 days if your article is approved and meets all our requirements.
  • Please check and proofread your content thoroughly. There should be no grammar, spelling, or typing errors and the article must have high-quality content.
  • If your post contains images, then please make sure that those images have a minimum width of 700 px. Moreover, each post must have a banner image with no text on it.
  • In case you are writing to get backlinks for your website, please be informed that we only allow two backlinks per post. You can send us an inquiry by visiting our CONTACT page.
  • We do not allow affiliate links on the contributed post.
  • The Glossy Musings only offers “Do Follow” links and does not accept content spammed with keywords. Keywords must be placed strategically without affecting the readability of the content.
  • Once your article is published on our platform, it becomes the property of The Glossy Musings. You cannot republish or reuse it without our consent. However, if it’s not accepted due to any reason, then you can use it where ever you want. We do not claim rights on such posts.

NOTE: Please be informed that we receive a lot of requests for guest post submission and therefore, we require 7 days to entertain all requests. Therefore, we request you to be patient with us. In case we do not respond within 7 days, you can write to us.