What is Threads by instagram and how does it work?

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Threads, the new social networking app from Instagram is set to compete with Elon-Musk’s Twitter. As twitter has faced outrage from its users over changes, threads is likely to get a high number of users in less time. It has already crossed 10 million user sign up after 7 hours from the launch time. Here’s everything you need to know about Threads Account:

What is Threads?

Threads, a recently launched application by Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is the brainchild of the Instagram team. This unique app allows users to easily share text updates and actively participate in public discussions, offering a platform that promotes open conversations.

If you’re drawing similarities to Twitter, you’re on the right track. Meta seems to have identified a promising opportunity for a microblogging social network that addresses certain challenges currently encountered by Twitter. 

When did Threads launch?

It’s important to remember that Threads was previously released in 2021, but information regarding its development was limited until today, after the app underwent considerable improvements and was subsequently re-released. Threads is now officially launched on July 6, Thursday and people are mimicking it as thread-day on various platforms. 

When Twitter is battling issues like rate limits and paywalls, Threads emerges at the perfect time to offer an appealing alternative.

What features does Threads provide?

Threads offers users the ability to share messages up to 500 characters in length, which is a notable increase compared to Twitter’s character limit of 280 (unless you have Twitter Blue) and aligns with the default character limit of 500 in Mastodon. Additionally, you can enhance your posts with photos, videos lasting up to five minutes, and include web links for added context and engagement. With these extended capabilities, Threads provides a versatile platform for expressing yourself and sharing multimedia content with your audience.

How does Threads Work?

After downloading the app, you can easily log in to Threads using your existing Instagram account. Your username will seamlessly transfer to your Threads account, along with any verification status you may have. Furthermore, you have the option to personalize your profile specifically for your Threads account, tailoring it to your preferences.

Subsequently, you have the choice to effortlessly synchronize your following preferences from Instagram onto Threads, automatically connecting you with the same accounts. Additionally, within the Threads app, you can explore and add new accounts to expand your network of followers. Your feed consists of a blend of posts from the accounts you follow, alongside recommended content. Similar to other competing applications, you can engage with posts by responding, reposting, or quoting, fostering a familiar and interactive experience. 

Popularity of Threads in No time

Instagram is already a very popular social networking app all over the world with 2.35 billion monthly active users. Threads being a new born child of instagram has attracted millions of users in less to no time. User Interface of Threads match with the aesthetics of Instagram which make it easy and reliable to use. 

One feature that has gained popularity is the direct sharing of threads and text posts on instagram stories. Users are enjoying this feature because they now don’t have to screenshot the twitter post and then post it on other social media apps. 

Do you need instagram for Threads?

As of now, it is mandatory to have an instagram account to create threads. When a user Sign Up on Threads with an instagram account, it will automatically use instagram username. 

Once you have the app downloaded, you have the option to effortlessly sync your existing Instagram follows onto Threads, ensuring continuity in your connections. Moreover, within the Threads app, you can explore and discover new accounts to follow, expanding your network. Your feed presents a dynamic blend of posts from your followed accounts and curated recommended content. Engaging with posts becomes a breeze as you can reply, repost, or quote others’ content, just as you would on similar rival platforms.

How to Delete Threads Account?

The only way to delete your Threads account is to delete your Instagram account. It means that once you have joined the Threads App, you can not get rid of it except to leave instagram. You can call it a marketing tactic of Mark Zuckerberg which means you join threads by choice but won’t get out of it by choice.

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