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Have you ever wondered who is the dumbest animal in the world?

The animal kingdom includes nearly two million distinct species. Within these two million species, each has its distinctive characteristics. Some animals are intelligent; others are dumb. Some are fast, while others are slow. Human beings are also social animals but are a perfect blend of smart and dumb, fast and slow. On the other hand, some animals behave so foolishly that it almost feels like they’re trying to win an award for the dumbest animal on earth.

This leads us to a question: are animals dumb? Technically, animals don’t lack intelligence, but some species are not as smart as compared to others. Due to this, they behave foolishly, putting their survival at stake at times.

So, if you’re wondering what is the dumbest animal in the world, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be sharing some of the world’s dumbest animals and birds.

Top 10 Dumbest Animals In The World

If you want to find the dumbest animal in the world, our list of top 10 dumbest animals and birds can help you.

So, let’s see which animal is the dumbest on this planet.

1. Killdeer


Killdeer is probably the dumbest animal in the world because these woodland birds are known for lacking survival skills. Even though they have functional wings, they choose to spend their time on the ground. Moreover, when a killdeer comes in front of a predator, it just sits and stares at them instead of flying away. Due to such stupidity, they barely live 10 to 11 months maximum.

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2. Komodo Dragon


Komodo dragons are mythical-looking and sounding reptiles with large lizard-like bodies. These reptiles are famous for biting off more than they can chew. While they can extend their jaws to swallow a whole deer, their throat cannot expand.

As a result, they get large amounts of food stuck in their throats. To counter this problem, they have learned to headbutt trees to shove the food down their throats. So, if they don’t die of choking, they definitely die of chronic head trauma. And all of this can be avoided if they just take smaller bites instead of swallowing entire animals.

3. Koala


If we had to give the award for the world’s dumbest animal that’s also the cutest, it would definitely go to koalas. These baby-like animals have the smallest body-to-brain ratio of any mammal. You can compare them to a drunk or high human being. With such little brainpower, koalas are only able to live so mindlessly because they use the minimum amount of energy.

4. Mastiff


Seeing a dog as the dumbest animal in the world can be hard to believe. But the truth is not all dog breeds are intelligent, and the dumbest dog breed is Mastiff. They are the least likely to pick up on visual or verbal cues from their owners and often take longer to train. However, since they were initially trained to protect their owners and used in wars, it isn’t their fault that they lack adaptive intelligence.

5. Goblin Shark


Suppose someone asks you what is the dumbest animal in the world? A shark will probably be the last animal you’ll think of. But the deep sea resident, the goblin shark, is actually a dumb animal. Their stupidity may be rooted in their inexperience with predators.

Since they existed long before humans even knew about them, they have grown too accustomed to their environment without worrying about predators. Moreover, they can only survive under intense deep sea pressure. So, they don’t have enough socialization with other species, making them lazy and slow. 

6. Panda


What animal is the dumbest but cuddliest and fluffiest? Of course, a panda.

If it weren’t for human assistance, pandas would’ve been extinct by now because they have the least instinctual intelligence of all animals. They don’t excel at obedience or adaptive situations either. Besides, they can barely reproduce on their own, which is why humans have intervened to keep their species going.

One might ask why humans force such a dumb species to stay around. Probably, because they’re cute and eat bamboo.

7. Bulldog


Despite being one of the most popular dog breeds in the US, bulldogs aren’t the most intelligent dogs. They are a low intelligence dog breed ranked 136th out of a total of 138 dog breeds. Since their primary job was to help bite and tear bull ankles, they are not the quickest thinkers. However, they have been known for taking up hobbies similar to their humans.

8. Chameleon


While it may not look like the dumbest animal on earth due to its color-changing ability, a chameleon has a hard time surviving, even in domestic situations. These colorful critters can burn themselves because they enjoy how the heat feels. Besides, they can drown in inches of water. So, they can die by drowning in their cage’s water dish if it is too deep. They can also get stuck in the most unlikely crevices in their cages.

9. Secretary Bird


If you’re wondering what is the dumbest animal in terms of its name, appearance, and hunting skills, a secretary bird is the answer. These four-foot-tall predatory birds got their name from their resemblance to the traditional uniform of 18th-century male secretaries. Since they also choose to walk instead of flying, they hunt their prey by walking, and this prey is often venomous snakes. So, more often than not, these attackers end up getting attacked by their prey.

10. Sheep


If you’re still wondering which animal is the dumbest, we have a simple pick for you: sheep. They may be the softest barnyard animals, but they’re definitely not the brightest. You may know them for their signature blank stare look. If they are not a part of the herd, lambs can die within a short time because they’re completely defenseless.


While we may believe our pets or barn animals are nothing short of genius, it doesn’t change the fact that not all animals have equally functioning neurons. It means some animals in the animal kingdom are stupid. 

When you’re hunting for the dumbest animal in the world it’s important to remember that what makes an animal dumb is not just its appearance, but how it behaves. So, if you’re wondering what is the dumbest animal, we’ve shared our top 10 in this article.

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