8 Award-Worthy Products to Own as an Avid Traveler

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Demand for travel is at a historic high as the world begins to return to normal. Now is a great time to hit the road and scratch that itch for wanderlust. You can make your travel experience more enjoyable if you gather the right essentials. Here are eight award-worthy products that you should own as an avid traveler.

Packing Cubes

Discover what many other savvy travelers have already found when you use packing cubes to help organize your travel essentials. These cubes are handy for organizing clothes, toiletries, and more. You can use the cubes in large pieces of luggage as well as small carry-ons and backpacks. In addition to keeping everything organized, packing cubes also help to condense the items so that you can fit more into your luggage.

Camping Bedding

There is nothing quite like immersing yourself in the beauty of Mother Nature when you need an escape from reality. You do not have to rough it when camping. A specially designed RV mattress will ensure that you sleep in ultimate comfort. Enjoy the best of both worlds when you explore the great outdoors while also retreating to a comfortable and cozy bed at the end of a day of fun.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Regardless of if you are traveling by air or heading out for a road trip, you cannot replicate the power of a good pair of noise-canceling headphones or earplugs. Block out sound from noisy hotel neighbors, crying babies on airplanes, and street noise with a pair of these specially designed headphones.

External Battery

Along with a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, you may find it useful to always travel with an external battery. Stay charged up and connected with a battery that you can lean on to charge a smartphone or other electronic devices when not near a power outlet. These external batteries come in handy for day trips or when out exploring the great outdoors. You can also consider the use of a solar portable charger for a more environmentally friendly option.

Quality Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while on the road will help keep you healthy and energized. With the price of bottled water skyrocketing, you will save money if you invest in a quality reusable water bottle.


Take it one step further by using a collapsible water bottle to maximize space. Using a reusable water bottle is also better for the environment, helping to reduce your carbon footprint as you explore the world around you.

Universal Adaptor and Converter Combo

International travelers understand the importance of a universal adaptor. This device will allow you to plug in your devices in any type of power outlet regardless of where your travels take you.


Keep in mind that converters are not designed to be used for long periods of time. Be sure to plan your packing accordingly. For example, plan on using the hotel’s hair dryer rather than dragging your own along with you. You also need to research the voltage that you will need for all of your devices and plan accordingly.

Travel Organizer

Organize and secure all of your important paperwork and credit cards with a dedicated travel organizer. These organizers are designed to house boarding passes, passports, identification, and credit cards.


You can also use this organizer to keep notes such as emergency contact information, dining reservations, and more. While most everything related to travel is now digital, it is also a prudent practice to have a hard copy backup if your technology fails.

Comfort Kit

It is hard to enjoy your travels if you are not comfortable. Packing a comfort kit with your favorite amenities will improve the overall experience. A neck pillow is a great tool if you are traveling by plane or as a passenger on a long road trip. Eye masks will also help you to sleep better. Other good ideas to include in this comfort kit include aspirin, throat lozenges, antibacterial soap, and sanitizing wipes.

Bottom Line

These eight essentials will undoubtedly up your travel game. Make the most out of your time away from home by gathering these must-have items.


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