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Making money is an essential aspect of Old School RuneScape (OSRS money making), allowing players to purchase equipment, supplies, and other valuable items to enhance their gameplay experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various money-making methods that cater to both free-to-play (F2P) and pay-to-play (P2P) players. These methods range from low-level options to high-level activities, ensuring there is something for everyone. Osrs is the best method to make monkey without paying anything.  It’s important to note that the profitability of these methods can fluctuate due to market dynamics and game updates, so always stay informed about the current market conditions. Let’s dive into the OSRS money making guide!

F2P OSRS Money Making Methods

Telegrabbing Nature Runes and Wines of Zamorak

Telegrabbing nature runes is a popular F2P money-making method in OSRS money making. The high-level spawns for nature runes can be found in the Wilderness, specifically in areas close to greater demons. The most common spot is just south of the Demonic Ruins, near the lava maze. However, be cautious as this area is a PvP (player versus player) zone, and other players may attack you.

To telegrab nature runes, you need to have the Telekinetic Grab spell unlocked, which requires level 33 Magic. This spell allows you to grab items that are out of reach, such as the nature runes dropped by the spawns. To cast Telekinetic Grab, you’ll need both Air Runes and Law Runes in your inventory, or you can use a staff that provides unlimited air runes.

Nature runes are valuable because they are essential for various spells, including High Alchemy and Superheat Item. By telegrabbing nature runes, you can earn around 300,000 gold per hour, depending on the market prices.

Another option for F2P players is telegrabbing Wines of Zamorak. These wines can be found in the Deep Wilderness Dungeon, located in the area surrounding the Chaos Temple. The wines are located on a table at the end of the dungeon, guarded by Monks of Zamorak. When you attempt to telegrab the wines, the Monks will become aggressive and attack you.

Telegrabbing Wines of Zamorak requires the same Telekinetic Grab spell, along with Air Runes and Law Runes. The wines are valuable because they are used to create Ranging Potions and Bastion Potions. This method can yield approximately 150-250,000 gold per hour, but be prepared for the aggressive monks and potential encounters with other players in the Wilderness.

Tanning Leather

Tanning leather is a profitable and safe money-making method for F2P players. Instead of engaging in risky activities, such as Wilderness activities, players can utilize the Tan Leather spell to tan hides and sell the resulting leather for profit. The Tan Leather spell is unlocked at level 78 Magic.

To tan leather, you need the necessary hides and runes. The cost of the runes will vary depending on the type of hide you’re tanning. It’s recommended to choose hides with higher values to maximize your earnings. For example, Black Dragon Leather tends to have a high price, making it a lucrative choice.

To tan the leather, visit the Bank in the southern part of Al Kharid. Make sure to have one inventory slot for coins and fill the rest of your inventory with the hides you wish to tan. Proceed to the furnace room located north of the bank and speak to Ellis. He will tan your hides for 20 coins each. After the tanning process, return to the bank to store the tanned leather and repeat the process with additional hides.

Tanning leather can be a consistent and profitable method, with the potential to earn up to 448,000 gold per hour, depending on the market prices of the leather.

Mining Runite Ore

Mining Runite Ore is a lucrative money-making method for F2P players who have achieved a high Mining level of 85. Runite Ore is one of the highest-tier ores in the game and is in high demand for smithing and high-level crafting.

To mine Runite Ore, F2P players can head to the Wilderness Rune Maze. This area is located in level 46 Wilderness, northwest of the Lava Maze. However, keep in mind that the Wilderness is a dangerous zone where PKers may attack you, so be prepared for potential encounters.

Mining Runite Ore in the Wilderness Rune Maze can yield up to 450,000 gold per hour, depending on the current market prices. It’s important to note that due to the high competition for Runite Ore, it’s advisable to world hop and find less populated worlds to maximize your mining efficiency and minimize the risk of encountering other players.

Crushing Bird Nests

Crushing bird nests within the Grand Exchange is a less profitable but convenient method for F2P players. Bird nests can be purchased from other players or obtained as drops from various creatures. The nests can contain valuable items such as seeds, rings, and gems.

To crush bird nests, you’ll need a pestle and mortar, which can be obtained from various NPC shops or the Grand Exchange. Ensure that you have one pestle and mortar in your inventory and fill the remaining slots with bird nests.

There are two ways to crush the bird nests. The first method involves right-clicking on each nest and manually crushing them. This option is faster but requires more attention and clicking. The second method involves using the “use” option on the pestle and mortar and selecting the bird nests. This method is slower but can be done automatically for a full inventory of nests.

While crushing bird nests may not yield high profits compared to other methods, it can still provide a steady income. The convenience of performing this activity within the Grand Exchange also eliminates the need to travel to different locations. Keep in mind that the profitability will depend on the current prices of the items found in the nests.

P2P OSRS Money Making Methods

Tanning Dragonhides

For players who have become members and have access to the Grand Exchange, tanning dragonhides can be a profitable money-making method. Dragonhides are obtained by killing dragons or purchasing them from other players. They can be tanned into Dragon Leather, which is used for crafting and other purposes.

To tan dragonhides, you first need to purchase the raw dragonhides from the Grand Exchange. It’s recommended to buy different colors of dragonhides, such as Red, Blue, Black, and Green, to have a variety of options for tanning. Next, head to Al Kharid, where the tanning process takes place.

In Al Kharid, visit the Bank located in the southern part of the city. Ensure you have the necessary amount of gold to tan the hides, as well as the corresponding runes for the Tan Leather spell. The runes required are two astral runes, one nature rune, and five fire runes for each hide you wish to tan.

Once you have everything ready, fill your inventory with the dragonhides and head to the furnace room located north of the bank. Speak to Ellis and choose the option to tan the hides. He will tan the hides into Dragon Leather for a cost of 20 coins per hide.

After the tanning process, return to the bank to store the Dragon Leather and repeat the process with the remaining hides. The profitability of tanning dragonhides depends on the price difference between the raw hides and the Dragon Leather on the Grand Exchange. Monitor the market prices and choose the color of dragonhide with the highest price difference to maximize your earnings.


The Barrows is a popular and profitable osrs money making method available to P2P players.. The Barrows minigame is located in Morytania and involves defeating the six Barrows brothers within their crypts to earn valuable rewards.

To start the Barrows minigame, you’ll need to complete the Priest in Peril quest, which grants access to Morytania. From there, head to the Barrows area, located northeast of Mort’ton. The Barrows crypts are scattered around the area, and each brother has their own crypt.

The Barrows brothers use different combat styles, including melee, ranged, and magic. It’s essential to come prepared with the appropriate equipment and combat strategies to defeat them efficiently. Additionally, one of the brothers will not be in their crypt, leading to a dangerous tunnel system where you’ll encounter powerful monsters.

After defeating five Barrows brothers in their crypts, enter the tunnel system and fight the last brother. Once you have defeated all the brothers, locate the chest in the middle of the Barrows area. Open the chest to receive rewards, which can include Barrows armor pieces, weapons, and other valuable items.

The profitability of the Barrows method comes from selling the acquired Barrows armor on the Grand Exchange. The prices of the armor pieces can vary, so it’s important to monitor the market prices and sell at opportune times. While the rewards are based on luck and RNG (random number generation), consistently engaging in Barrows runs can lead to significant profits over time.

Growing Magic Saplings

Growing magic saplings is currently one of the most profitable osrs money making methods in P2P. This method requires a combination of Magic and Farming levels, along with the use of specific items and spells.

To begin, you’ll need a Steam Battlestaff, which provides unlimited fire and water runes, and a Gardening Trowel. You’ll also require 68 Astral Runes for the Humidify spell and a sufficient amount of gold to purchase Magic Seeds and Filled Plant Pots.

Magic Seeds can be purchased from the Grand Exchange or obtained through various means such as monster drops or Farming contracts. Filled Plant Pots can be created by using a seed on an empty plant pot. It’s recommended to have an equal number of Magic Seeds and Filled Plant Pots in your inventory to maximize efficiency.

With the necessary items prepared, cast the Humidify spell on the Filled Plant Pots containing the Magic Seeds. This will turn them into seedlings. After using Humidify, store the seedlings in your bank. Over time, the seedlings will grow into saplings.

Once the saplings have grown, remove them from the bank and sell them on the Grand Exchange. The profitability of this method depends on the current market prices of Magic Saplings. With the potential to earn up to 8 million gold per hour, growing Magic Saplings can be an excellent choice for P2P players looking to accumulate wealth.

Exchanging Mole Parts

Exchanging Mole Parts is a profitable method for P2P players to make money without specific skill requirements. This method involves obtaining Mole Claws and Mole Skin, which can be exchanged for nest boxes containing valuable items.

To start, visit the Grand Exchange and spend your available gold on Mole Claws and Mole Skin. The exchange rate is typically two Mole Skin for one Mole Claw. It’s recommended to purchase as many Mole Claws and Mole Skin as your budget allows.

Once you have obtained the mole parts, head to Falador and find Wyson the Gardener. He can be located northeast of the main Falador bank. Speak to Wyson and choose the option to exchange your mole items for nest boxes. These nest boxes can contain various items such as seeds, jewelry, or other valuable resources.

After acquiring the nest boxes, visit a bank to open them and store the items in your inventory. Opening nest boxes requires a significant amount of clicking, but it can result in valuable rewards that can be sold on the Grand Exchange for profit.


Flipping, also known as Merchanting, is a money-making method that involves buying items on the Grand Exchange at a lower price and selling them at a higher price for profit. This method requires market knowledge, timing, and an initial investment of gold.

To start flipping, you need to analyze the market prices of various items on the Grand Exchange. Look for items that have a significant price difference between the buy and sell prices. These price discrepancies can occur due to updates, changes in demand, or general market fluctuations.

Once you have identified potential items to flip, purchase them at a lower price and list them for sale at a higher price. The key to successful flipping is to buy low and sell high, taking advantage of market trends and price differentials. It’s important to monitor the market regularly to adapt to changing prices and identify new opportunities.

Flipping requires careful consideration of supply and demand, as well as an understanding of the item’s value and potential market shifts. It can be a highly profitable method if executed effectively, but it also carries risks. It’s recommended to start with a reasonable amount of gold and gradually increase your investment as you gain experience and market knowledge.


In conclusion, OSRS money making methods is very popular for players, whether they are F2P or P2P. From telegrabbing valuable items to engaging in mini-games, skilling, or trading on the Grand Exchange, there are options available for players of different skill levels and preferences.

When selecting a money-making method, consider your own capabilities, available resources, and the current market conditions. Monitor the prices of items, stay informed about updates and game events, and adapt your strategies accordingly. With patience, knowledge, and a bit of luck, you can master the art of OSRS money making and accumulate wealth to further enhance your gameplay experience.

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