How To Make Your Home More Zen?

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The term zen originates in Japan and refers to a Buddhist school and meditation practice. Recently, in the west, zen has become more popular as an interior design principle. Zen interior design is an approach that focuses on creating balance and harmony throughout the home to create a peaceful experience. Whether you are looking to get calmer in your home or you simply like the aesthetic, this guide is here to help you learn how to make your home more zen.

In today’s environmentally conscious world, integrating sustainable solutions into your home design enhances its zen ambience and contributes positively to the planet. From energy-efficient lighting to eco-friendly furniture, incorporating sustainable elements aligns with the principles of zen living. Consider opting for eco-conscious choices like reclaimed wood furniture or incorporating Connecticut solar panels to power your home sustainably. By prioritizing sustainability, you create a serene living space and contribute to a greener future for generations to come.

Go For Earth Tones 

One of the most noticeable aspects of zen interior design is the lack of bright colours. When you are looking to make your home more zen, you should focus on using only earth tones. This means you should be looking to use pale blues, greens, browns, and sandy colors. Using cooler, more muted and natural tones will help your home to feel more soothing and airier. Tile Store offers a great selection of earthy-toned tiles to elevate your space.


Zen Buddhism relies on a number of key concepts. There is ma, which means empty or negative space, wabi-sabi, which is the process of finding beauty in nature’s imperfections, and shibui, which is embracing simplicity, subtle and unobtrusive beauty. These principles extend to zen interior design and one of the ways that this presents itself is in minimalism.

You should aim to keep your home minimal, as Marie Kondo says, to only have items that “spark joy”. This will help to create more negative space between your belongings and make your home seem more zen.

Choose Wood 

As much of zen practice is focused on embracing the beauty of nature, there is no surprise that wood is a very popular solution in interior design. As shows, it is not difficult to choose various home items that are made out of wood. Choosing wooden tables, bed frames, and chairs are simple but can help you to make your home feel more zen and connected to nature.

Pick Natural Fabric 

Just as you should choose wood for sturdy items throughout your home, you should also choose natural fabrics for soft furnishings. Choosing fabrics like linen and cotton will subtly bring more touches of nature into your home.

Focus on the Furniture 

As previously explained, zen interior design is very focused on keeping space very minimal; this means only having essential items on show in a room. The focus on minimalism means that you should pay close attention to the items of furniture you put in a room. As well as thinking about the materials and colors of the piece, you should also think of its shape and size. When adding new furniture to your home, you will want to consider how it fits in the area and what negative space it creates between the other items already there.

Add Some Plants

Since much of zen Buddhism is focused on connecting with nature and increasing feelings of peace and calm in the home, you are encouraged to have plants in your house. If you are into flower arranging, you might even want to try Ikebana flower arranging.


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