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It is an incredible feeling to get engaged with the person of your dreams. Obviously, this excitement is the idea of committing to one another for the rest of your lives, but a lot of excitement will be around the wedding and celebrating with your loved ones. There is also a huge amount of planning that goes into a wedding, so it is helpful to be aware of the main areas that you need to start planning for. The earlier that you start planning, the better, so keep reading to discover what you should start planning for your wedding now.

Set The Date

First, you need to set the date as this will impact every decision that you make. Typically, the wedding is between a year and 18 months after the engagement but keep in mind that many venues will have a backlog due to the pandemic. You might be able to arrange a wedding sooner if you pick a quieter time of the year and/or choose any other day than Saturday.

Establish The Budget

You should never start planning a wedding without agreeing on a budget with your partner.  Weddings can be incredibly expensive, so you need to work out how much you can afford and are happy to spend. Saving money with the best-value wedding rings in Brisbane is a great way to ensure that small items don’t blow out the costs for the day. There are always ways to make savings, and you might find that your family is happy to pay/contribute (although you should not rely on this).

Create A Guest List

Next, you need to create your guest list. This will depend entirely on your personal preferences as some will prefer to have weddings with over 100 guests while others will prefer something smaller and more intimate. How many people you have will influence other key decisions, so you need to have a ballpark figure in mind early on. Additionally, it is a good idea to decide who your wedding party will be and notify them early on. You will then want to get the invites out early so that as many people can come as possible.

Choose A Venue

At this stage, you can begin to look at venues. You will want to book your venue early, so start looking and making inquiries once you have a date, budget, and an idea of numbers. This will be a major decision that impacts all aspects of the wedding, so you should look for an award-winning wedding facility that can provide food, accommodation, and other services in addition to a beautiful space for your big day.

Decide on a Theme

After you’ve set your budget and made the commitment to stick to it – that’s when the fun part begins. Now you get to decide what kind of wedding that you want to have.
Whether you have always dreamed of an elegant ballroom affair or a rustic barn wedding, your theme will be the foundation upon which you will make the rest of your wedding planning decisions, including your choice of venue, decorations,
music, as well as your wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses.
Looking at wedding magazines, blogs, and social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram can be a great place to start finding inspiration for your wedding and can help you settle on a theme that perfectly suits your personality and tastes.

Book Vendors

You can then start to research and contact vendors for your wedding. As mentioned, the venue may offer some services that you can take advantage of, but it is likely that you will need to find your own DJ/band, photographer and videographer, florist, officiant, and hair/makeup artist.

Hopefully, this post will help you to get the ball rolling on your wedding plan. This is an incredibly exciting time, but there is a lot of planning that needs to be done, and the earlier you start, the better.

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