Laser Physical Therapy

How PEMF is Used to Treat Arthritis

There are many medical conditions that people suffer from during their lives. Some medical conditions can be treated while others are still being investigated, and doctors are trying to figure out the best practices and medication to be used for their treatment. One of the medical conditions that people suffer from in their lives is Arthritis. Arthritis is a medical condition that mainly impacts a person’s bones and joints. When a person suffers from the condition, it means that their joints are inflated. Some of the effects of the condition include the patient struggling with pain at the joints, redness, and stiffness, making it hard for them to move or function effectively.


As stated, medical practitioners have been working for years to find possible treatment for all medical conditions, Arthritis being one of them. one of the treatment solutions developed is the Pulsing Electromagnetic Field, also called the PEMF. The PEMF is an electronic device that uses magnetic fields to manipulate matter around it. The theory behind its development is that electromagnetic fields charge things and bodies. If this is the case, using electromagnetic fields could be used to charge the body and tissues infected by the condition and help improve people’s health. For this reason, the medical practitioners concluded that the Pulsing Electromagnetic Field has the ability to have significant improvements due to its ability to improve body functions at a cellular level.

Problems Solved by the PEMF

Patients suffering from Arthritis suffer from many effects. Some of the symptoms that the PEMF can treat include pain in the infected joints, stiffness, swelling, and inflammation. Al these symptoms can be traced to the infected cells and their ability to function effectively. The explanation is that the cells do not have enough Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP, which s the compound in the body that is tasked with ensuring that cells have enough energy to perform their specialized tasks. Different cells in the body perform different roles that help to ensure the body functions appropriately. Some of the functions include reducing waste products and treating the body when people suffer from injuries or a medical condition. When the cells do not have enough energy, they are less effective, which could lead to the effects that people feel when they suffer from Arthritis.

How PEMF Solves the Problems

The first way the Pulsing Electromagnetic Filed impacts the cells is that it increases the amount of energy in each cell. Since the main problem is the lack of enough energy, the energy boost obtained from the pulse is enough to boost cell functions. Some results have shown that the magnetic field could improve the cells’ energy level to almost five hundred percent. This improvement is enough to increase cells productivity, thus improving cell functions. The PEMF does this by targeting the cell’s ions and electrolytes. Charging these two improves the cells’ energy level without increasing ATP production in the body. The results are that the cells function more effectively, thus reducing pain at the joints and helping repair damaged body parts, which further reduces pain and helps in arthritis treatment.

All parts of the body need to have good circulation to be healthy. Good circulation means that the body can access all the nutrients and hydration required to be efficient. The Pulsing Electromagnetic Field has the ability to improve circulation in the body, thus improving its efficiency. People should know that the body produces its electromagnetic force through the heart beating, causing blood to flow. The PEMF could help the heart improve circulation in the affected parts meaning that nutrition will improve and waste materials will be transported away from the affected areas. The other way the PEMF improves nutrition and waste material disposal is by affecting the cells membrane. The electromagnetic field could be used in PEMF therapy to improve the efficiency of the membrane to allow nutrients into the cells and waste material in or out of the cell, depending on the cell’s functions. This is one of the reasons why PEMF therapy is important to the patient suffering from Arthritis.

The other advantage the Pulsing Electromagnetic Field offers is to improve the body’s condition; this means ensuring that the joints, including the bones, ligament, tendons, and muscles, are well taken care of. The PEMF therapy does this by improving the production of heat stress protein produced by the body when it goes through stressful situations. The protein is meant to help protect the body from wear and tear, which it needs to protect itself from Arthritis.