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Last year saw one of the biggest prospects and NBA talent, Victor Wembanyama, alongside 59 others, drafted for the NBA after the San Antonio Spurs ranked him first overall. This year, too, has much in store as the NBA looks forward to drafting the most significant prospects in the game.

Everyone seems tickled pink, especially the prospects looking forward to this significant leap in their basketball career. There’s already a lot to expect because numerous individuals in college basketball, international leagues, high school, and other professional leagues have shown so much potential to play at the highest level of the basketball sport.

This article lists the top prospects that the NBA could potentially draft at the end of the season, a few months from now.

1. Alex Sarr

Weight: 205 Pounds Height: 7ft 1 inch Playing Currently: Perth Wildcats

Player Position: C

The towering 7’1″ Alex Sarr is the new NBA prospect playing for Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL) and may take the NBA by storm. Hailing from France, the 19-year-old has made quite a name playing for the Spanish club Real Madrid in the cadet youth team before playing for Overtime Elite, earning the second-team All-OTE honors in 2023. He now plays for the Perth Wildcats and seems to have grabbed the first position in every latest NBA mock draft 2024.

His dynamic athleticism and prowess make him switch swiftly between a power forward and a center. Thanks to his unparalleled shot-blocking ability, he aced mid-range jump shots and contributed to the interior defense while playing for the Wildcats. It wouldn’t be a shocker if he bags it home as the prized pick in this coming NBA draft.

Alex Sarr

2. Zaccharie Risacher

Weight: 204 Pounds Height: 6ft 9inches Playing Currently: France’s JL Bourg

Player Position: G and F

Risacher is getting high praise in France as he’s increasingly becoming more seasoned in his shotmaking and scoring. Having played in the French under-21 league’s ASVEL Basket, he can alternate between playing as a forward and guard and continues to hone his passing and defensive abilities with every passing game.

He does cut it as a prospect in the coming NBA draft, thanks to the reputation he has built playing for JL Bourg. He’s averaging 10.1 points through 21 games for his current team and 13.1 points in the EuroCup. His athleticism gives him the edge in his shotmaking, and although he may still have a long way to go with his passing, he may be a perfect pick in the coming draft.

3. Nikola Topić

Weight: 200 Pounds Height: 6ft 6 inches Playing Currently: Serbia’s KK Mega Basket

Player Position: G

Would the NBA 2024 draft list be complete without a player of Nikola Topić’s caliber? Doubtful, if you asked. Topić has become a household name in basketball and steadily draws suitors who want to see him playing at the top level.

This Serbian international now plays for Crvena Zvezda and is projected to be a lottery NBA draft pick this coming year. Topić’s clever passing and dribbling give him an uncanny ability to squeeze through tight opponent spaces and create chances for shots. However, he’s also an unsurprisingly proficient goal scorer, averaging 19.2 points in the Adriatic League and Supercup.

4. Kyle Filipowski

Weight: 220 Pounds Height: 7ft 0 Inches Playing Currently: Duke Blue Devils

Player Position: C

Nobody seems to beat this incredibly seasoned basketball prospect and an invaluable Duke Blue Devil’s machine. He does well as a center but can drift to play as a power forward, thanks to his effective footwork, flawless touch, and undisputed strength. He’s averaged 16.9 points in the 2023/2024 season and checks every box vetting him as a pick this year.

Filipowski’s versatility makes him a more reliable player on the court, as he can occupy multiple spots comfortably. Primarily, though, he does rule the offense side as he’s pretty good at advancing toward the shooting positions, and his ability to assist makes him an unpredictable force.


5. Kel’el Ware

Weight: 223 Pounds Height: 7ft 0 Inches Playing Currently: Indiana Hoosiers

Player Position: F

Every basketball team would love a player of Ware’s proficiency as he’s proven more reliable for the Indiana Hoosiers. He’s become coach Mike Woodman’s favorite for the power forward position, in which he’s racked up the most points, averaging 15.0 points. But his heroics on the court don’t just pop from where he currently plays; he’s been building quite a reputation since his early days, with the State Tournament naming him the year’s Most Valuable NBA Player (MVP).

6. Tyler Smith

Weight: 224 Pounds Height: 6ft 11 inches Playing Currently: G League Ignite

Player Position: F

The 2023/2024 seasons have been Smith’s most significant breakthrough, with Ignite’s Matasis being on the sidelines due to injury. He hasn’t disappointed with the spotlight on him, as he’s averaged 11-of-17 attempts and racked up 14.1 points so far.

He’s a prospect and deserves to be in the conversation as a possible NBA draft pick. His massive body size and height will give him the edge to be more physical in the NBA, much to aid his passing and shot-blocking, which he still must improve.

7. Bobi Klintman

Weight: 225 Pounds Height: 6ft 10 inches Playing Currently: Australia’s Cairns Taipans

Player Position: F

Klintman adapts well as a power forward but can venture on the perimeter, especially on the wing along the sideline. This Swedish international understands his craft well, so he should be a pick for this year’s NBA draft, as he’s already averaged 5.3 points and 4.5 rebounds, playing an average of 20.3 minutes per game!

Suppose ever there’s a mentionable De’Andre Hunter mini-player. In that case, Klintman should be the first on the list as he almost picks after Hunter’s attributes—talk about having a similar physique and playmaking acumen. If he maintains this consistency, he could cause problems in the NBA, breaking guards.

Bobi Klintman

8. Trentyn Flowers

Weight: 185 Pounds Height: 6ft 9inches Playing Currently: Australia’s Adelaide 36ers

Player Position: G

Currently playing for the NBL’s 36ers, this American International has drawn in suitors and scouts. He Idolizes players, including Josh Gibber, and sees himself playing at his level, which is already showing in his game. His 2023 season earned him 5.2 points and 0.4 assists, which is commendable.

He does cut it in the rankings and will make a thoughtful pick in this year’s NBA draft. While he may only have taken the initial steps in his basketball career, Flowers may become the indomitable force of the NBA in the coming years.

Final Thoughts

The National Basketball Association has announced that the 2024 NBA will occur in two rounds toward the end of June. Sixty lottery prospects will find their way into the NBA through this coveted event, and hopefully, these highly anticipated prospects will make the final list.

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