How Xeomin Injections Can Enhance Your Appearance

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Smooth is a term used to describe something free of bumps and roughness, such as a mirror or a ball bearing. It also refers to wrinkle-free skin. While Botox is the best-known wrinkle-smoothing injectable, another option is Xeomin; the product is a neuromodulator that decreases movement in dynamic areas, preventing wrinkles from forming.

Nose Lines

Xeomin is the newest form of botulinum toxin and was FDA-approved in 2011. It does not contain complex proteins like those found in other injectables, making it the purest form of this neuromodulator. This means you will not get desensitized to the treatment over time or experience a build-up of resistance. During an expressive facial movement, multiple muscles contract simultaneously, and over time, these repeated movements can cause deep creases to form. These are called dynamic wrinkles; Xeomin injections can soften them by blocking nerve signals from reaching those muscles.

A Xeomin injection can also reduce the glabellar lines between the eyebrows, often called “frown lines” or “angry 11s”. You’ll appear more at ease and renewed as a result. Additionally, “bunny lines,” or creases that run horizontally or diagonally from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth, can be lessened with Xeomin.

Chin Dimple

A common aesthetic concern for many patients is dimpled skin on the chin. These indentations result from a muscle in the cheek (the zygomaticus major) splitting into two bundles before birth. The superior bundle lays above the corner of the mouth, while the inferior bundle is below it. When this muscle is flexed, it ‘yanks’ on the skin, creating the indentations.

Xeomin is an excellent option for reducing the appearance of chin dimples and is effective in multiple randomized clinical trials. Xeomin works by gently forcing your muscles to relax. These muscles cannot contract because the botulinum toxin prevents the nerves from communicating. Cosmetic injection treatments are a great way to improve your appearance, but working with a licensed practitioner is crucial. Work with a board-certified plastic surgeon or skilled cosmetic injector to get the best results and reduce risks.

Jawline Contouring

The jawline and chin are a vital component of facial harmony and balance. Many men and women experience a loss of definition in the area due to aging or genetics. Dermal fillers can help restore the area’s stronger, more chiseled appearance. During a consultation, your practitioner will determine the ideal treatment for your needs. They may use a topical cream or other method to numb the area before injecting your dermal filler.

In addition to reducing the appearance of wrinkles, Xeomin injections also promote your body’s natural production of collagen. The extra collagen creates a smooth, youthful texture that can further enhance your appearance.

For an even more dramatic result, a fat transfer can be performed. In this procedure, your surgeon removes and purifies fat from other areas of the body, such as the butt or thighs, then injects it into the jawline to add more structure. It can take a bit longer for results to appear than other fillers, but the outcome is beautiful and long-lasting.

Forehead Lines

Like BOTOX, Dysport, and Revance Daxi, Xeomin is a botulinum neurotoxin that temporarily diminishes the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles in your forehead. However, unlike other products, Xeomin is pure and free of additives, making it less likely that you will develop antibodies to the treatment that would cause it to stop working for you.

Xeomin can smooth out the lines between your eyebrows that create a frown or glabellar lines (often referred to as ’11’ lines). Relaxing the muscles in this area can help you appear more patient and at ease rather than stressed, angry, or worried. Smoking, aging, sun damage, and muscle movement are all potential causes of wrinkles and lines on the forehead. While everyone gets them at some point, many people find them more noticeable than others. Xeomin injections can improve your appearance and restore a youthful glow to the skin around your nose, mouth, and jawline.


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