How to Do Cat Eyes Using Different Methods

May the wings of your eyeliner always be even!

Creating new makeup looks is the new “cool.” Every day we have new makeup trends, and they seem to be evolving faster than ever before. It only seems like yesterday when overlined lips and Insta brows were the hottest makeup trends. However, these are the first makeup trends to be ditched in 2020. Similarly, glossy lips and glitter is making a comeback. While the makeup scene keeps changing every year, there is one look that has stood the test of time. The Cat Eyes! Ladies never let it die out completely and revive it in some form every year. It is a classic look that goes with most makeup styles. So, if you don’t know how to do cat eyes, you better start learning because it’s still hip.

In this article, you will learn how to draw cat eyes step by step. Moreover, we have shared different methods to teach you how to draw cat eyes eyeliner. Keep reading to find out a method that is the easiest and start flicking!

How to Do Cat Eyes: A Step-By-Step Guide

Below we have shared how to draw cat eyes step by step using different methods. Let’s start with the first method.

  1. Makeup Brush Outline

Follow the given instructions to learn how to draw cat eyes eyeliner using a makeup brush to create an outline.

  • Select a nude/neutral colored eyeshade and apply it from the lash line to the eye’s crease. It serves as a dry primer and helps in eyeliner application. With the help of this primer, the eyeliner will not smudge or rub off easily.
  • Take a slim makeup brush. Angle it against the side of the nose and outer brow. It will help identify the endpoint for the eyeliner’s wing. Do it on both eyes and mark the endpoint with the eyeliner.
  • To draw a flawless cat-eye wing, expert makeup artists suggest using a fine, felt tip, liquid, or gel eyeliner. It doesn’t smudge like the pencil eyeliner and looks sharper and more pointed.
  • Use the eyeliner to leave a dot where you want to draw the tip of your wing. Try to be as symmetrical and balanced for both eyes as possible. If the dots don’t feel on the right angle, use a cotton swab to erase and draw new ones.
  • Connect the dot with the outer corner of the eye. To draw the perfect line, tilt your head back, and lower your gaze.
  • Connect the dot with the middle of the upper lash line by drawing another line. Fill the gap between both lines with eyeliner.
  • Finally, draw a line from the eye’s inner corner to connect it with the outer corner. It will create an even look.
  • Clean any mistakes or smudges with a wet cotton swab and finish off the look with mascara.
  1. A Tape Guide

Learn how to do cat eyes using scotch tape as a guiding tool by following the given instructions.

  • Apply a nude/neutral eyeshade from the lash line to the crease.
  • Cut a small piece of tape and stick it to your palm a few times. It will reduce its adhesiveness.
  • Place the piece of tape at the outer corner of the eye. Position it in such a way that it is pointed towards the temple. Tap it gently with the finer to make it stick properly.
  • Use a liquid or gel eyeliner to draw a thin line from the eye’s inner corner to the outer one. Start with a thin line at the inner corner and keep making it thicker towards the outer corner. (We haven’t created the wing yet. We’re still applying the eyeliner on the lash line).
  • After putting the eyeliner on the lash line, extend the line towards the tape to create a wing. Swipe the eyeliner till the end of the tape and then finish off the line as pointed as possible.
  • Remove the piece of tape carefully. You should be left with a crisp and pointed line. If you want, you can make a few adjustments to make it look more natural.
  • Finish the look off with a coat of mascara.
  1. A Cat-Eye Stencil

If you want to learn how to draw cat eyes step by step using a stencil, follow the given instructions.

  • Use an eyeliner stencil to create the perfectly flawless cat-eye. Get a stencil and properly position it on your upper eyelid.
  • Keep the open part of the stencil at the outer edge of the eye. Angle it as high or low as you want your eyeliner wing to be.
  • Lay the stencil flat on the skin. It will help draw the lines more precisely.
  • Either fill inside the lines keeping the stencil in place, or simply draw the upper and lower lines. Remove the stencil and then fill the gap with eyeliner.
  • Lift the stencil after a few seconds of applying the eyeliner. Do it as carefully as possible to avoid any mistakes and smudging.
  • If the lines don’t look as even as you’d like, use the eyeliner to make adjustments.
  • In case you messed up the wing, use a wet cotton swab to remove any stray strokes or smudges.
  • Finish off the look with a thick coat of mascara or fake eyelashes.

The Bottom Line

If you want to learn how to do cat eyes, try the methods mentioned above. However, if you are new at this, you may need a little practice before you can achieve the perfect wing. So, keep trying until you perfect the art of drawing a flawless wing across your eyelid for a cat-eye. It is not a difficult art to master. You only need to practice regularly. Now, get a foundation matching your neck, a never-creasing concealer, and draw winged eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man.