Can playing Block Puzzle help unlock your mind palace?

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Have you ever heard of Mind Palace? Unless you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, a mind palace might be an alien concept to you. The mind palace technique has been extensively explored by Arthur Conan Doyle in Sherlock Holmes, but this technique has existed for millennia. It is also known as the method of loci. Let’s shed some light.

Simply put, a mind palace is a memory technique that involves the creation of a mental map of familiar locations, such as your neighbourhood, school, workplace, or home. Besides a physical location you are familiar with, it can also be a virtual space you invented yourself. Then, you have to revisit your mind palace from time to time so you can refresh your memories. But what if all the stresses from work and daily life stop you from refreshing your memory? Do you find it increasingly difficult to unlock your mind palace and forget things easily?

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Although no definitive research or study is suggesting that you can unlock the superpower of memory by playing Block Puzzle, the potential cognitive benefits of this game offer intriguing insights. Whether you play Block Puzzle for money or entertainment, mastering block placement significantly impacts memory and sharpens cognitive abilities. This guide explores whether playing Block Puzzle can help unlock your mind palace. Keep reading. 

What type of game is a Block Puzzle?

Block Puzzle is the modern, reimagined version of Tetris. It is a strategy game with a straightforward objective of stacking and clearing horizontal and vertical lines of colourful blocks. The placement of blocks engages various cognitive skills. 

Spatial reasoning and visual processing come into play when players analyze blocks’ colours, shapes, and potential placements. Planning ahead and carefully optimizing the moves is critical so you don’t block yourself off. Block Puzzle may appear to be a simple game, but it is anything but. Online Block Puzzle apps typically provide players with a virtual game board where the blocks must be placed. Players are unaware of the blocks that will come during each turn. At the bottom of the screen, three blocks of different shapes and sizes will appear.

Once you have successfully placed the three blocks, you will get another set of three blocks, and so on. This means that you will never know which blocks will appear; hence, strategic thinking and planning ahead is critical to improving your overall chance of winning. Additionally, hawk-like concentration and focus are required to maintain your winning streak.

Does playing Block Puzzle benefit your overall memory function?

Yes, it does. Block Puzzle might not directly teach you how to build and unlock a mind palace, but it forces you to exercise certain cognitive skills that benefit your overall memory function. Here’s how this happens:

  • Block Puzzle is a mentally stimulating game that results in the growth of new neural connections while strengthening the existing ones. This elevated neural plasticity improves the brain’s ability to store, encode, and retrieve information. This supports long-term and short-term memory. 
  • The game heavily depends on spatial memory, which augments spatial memory. So, the more you master block placements and play free practice matches, the more positively your memory function is impacted. By exercising these muscles in your mind, you will be able to remember faces and locations much better than before. 
  • In Block Puzzle, you have to identify and recognize the different blocks. Doing this regularly means you are training your brain to process and store visual information. As your visual recognition improves, it translates to other areas of your life. For instance, you get better at remembering objects, places, and faces encountered daily. 
  • Concentration and focus are improved because playing Block Puzzle requires sustained attention. This also plays a critical role in storing and retrieving information in your memory. So, the better you learn to focus, the better you can retain and retrieve information. 

Can you use the Block Puzzle game to construct your mind palace?

The Block Puzzle game can be used to create a foundation for memory improvement. The game’s setup is the perfect training ground for elevating your visual recognition skills and spatial reasoning. Therefore, it forms the building blocks for your mind palace construction. 

This is how you can bridge the gap from puzzle to palace:

  • When you play this puzzle game, you can try visualizing the different blocks that are not just on your screen but also in familiar places in your garden, workplace, or home. By doing so, you will be strengthening the connection between memory and visualization. 
  • After you have engaged in an exhilarating game session, you can take a few minutes to visualize the layout of the blocks you had placed on the virtual game board. You can imagine that instead of placing them on the game board, you placed them in a chosen mental palace. This will strengthen your spatial memory and also help you during your next match. 

Besides playing Block Puzzle, you must exercise and train your brain so you have placed your fond memories in mind palaces and can unlock them whenever required. This requires active training regularly. The more you train your brain, the more accessible your mind palaces will be. To sum up, a mind palace is a complicated tool, and if you wish to unlock its full potential, you will need to keep practicing. Also, you need to fully focus and concentrate on unlocking your mind palaces.

One fun way to do this is by playing Block Puzzle. This game of block placement and clearing horizontal or vertical lines is about training your mind to recognize and remember the different shapes of the blocks. Also, this game combines other memory techniques so your mind is always alert and sharp. So, without further ado, you must install this game on your device and start practicing. In addition to unlocking your mind palace, you can earn real cash rewards by participating in tournaments and leagues. 

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