How Do People Boof Drugs?

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Boofing, commonly known as rectal administration or plugging, is a way of taking drugs through the rear end. This topic may not be discussed, but it is essential to understand the process and its implications for individuals who consider this mode of drug administration. Boofing is a method of administering drugs through the rectum, where the rectal mucosa quickly absorbs them into the bloodstream.

This way, the digestive system and liver metabolism are bypassed, so the effects are experienced directly and faster than if taken orally. While boofing is attributed to recreational drug use, it can also be medically relevant, especially for people who struggle to swallow tablets orally.

Step-by-Step Guide to Boofing


Before boofing, prepare enough for safety and effectiveness. This can involve multiple steps depending on the type of drug. Patients may have to grind pills or tablets into a fine powder using a pill crusher, mortar, or pestle.

However, the drugs may need to be dissolved in a liquid or saline solution to facilitate administration. To reduce the extent of contamination and infections, use sterile and clean tools throughout the process.


After you have prepared the drug, assume a sitting position favourable to rectal administration. The most common position is lying on one side with knees drawn up toward the chest. This position helps to relax the muscles around the anus and thus make drug insertion easier. Some may find it helpful to stay kneeling or use the kneeling position with one leg raised to allow easier access to the rectum. Try different positions to find out what is the most convenient for you.


Administration is usually done with a syringe, a dropper, or a no-needle oral medication syringe. The needle tip or dropper should be lubricated with a water-based lubricant to slide easily and with less discomfort. Insert the lubricated end into the rectum and push the plunger to discharge the dose.


Stay in the same position after administering the drug to be absorbed through the rectal mucosa. The retention times are determined by the type of drug being used and its formulation. One medication can be absorbed faster, while another may require more time. You can consider massaging the abdomen or exerting gentle pressure on the rectum to facilitate absorption. Wait for the drug to be absorbed to avoid it being expelled from the body.


After the drug is absorbed, the remains can be eliminated from the rectal canal; you may find it easier to go to a restroom. It is of utmost importance to ensure that you practice good hygiene by thoroughly washing your hands and cleaning any items used in the administration process.


Boofing, or the route of rectal drug administration, is one of the methods that provides a much faster onset of drug action and increased potency when compared to oral intake. While this is an efficient method of administration for certain people, one should not forget that it also has its own set of risks. Understanding the process of boofing, its potential advantages and risks, and key concerns for safe use allow you to make conscious choices about drug use and minimize risks.

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