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WoW Classic is a new direction in the development of World of Warcraft, which takes as a basis the most popular updates that were relevant many years ago and attracted all hardcore fans to their servers.

Gradually, Blizzard moved the project away from the concept of long and slow development, which some players did not really like, and in order to return them to the Azeroth servers and cause a nostalgia effect for everyone who was actively farming raids in the then popular and final updates of the King and Cataclysm Leagues.

Just before the latest update, the classic version with updated graphics and a transferred modern interface arrived; otherwise, it’s the good old World of Warcraft, which you need to master and upgrade your hero.

You can choose the format of character development, taking into account all possible ways.

You will be able to pay special attention to the quest format to develop your hero step by step, completing tasks one after another for a quick increase in experience and gold. There are story and secondary quests.

You will be able to choose a grind format to develop your character in the main and secondary locations of the current Cataclysm update, or any that came out earlier.

Grinding will help you level up quickly enough if you choose the right location and combine it with quests and resource extraction that you can sell to artisans, or use to develop your profession, which will help in the development of your class, now and in future updates.

You can go to raids to challenge difficult bosses and get good equipment and weapons, or even go to the link to order a service for full or partial boosting of a hero to any level using the Skycoach service.



Choose the classic WoW boosting format through the quest system, which was created by the project developers so that players with different levels of play always have access to proper character development and accumulation of resources and can act relatively error-free.

The storyline will guide you through the main story of Azeroth and help you gain a lot of experience and get various equipment and weapons to develop your hero.

You can search for and take on secondary tasks depending on your desire and desire to find additional sources of experience.

You just need to pay attention to locations in big cities, and you can find a large number of NPCs who need help in Azeroth and by providing which you can get additional experience and gold.

Such quests can be combined with main story quests, and you can gain a lot of experience simply by completing common tasks in the same area.

Carefully monitor the location of such quests and the overall reward in terms of experience and conditions for obtaining it, because this may be an unprofitable quest that will simply waste a lot of your time, and the average gaming session lasts 4 hours, so watch and filter the gameplay carefully to do really interesting and profitable things.



You can engage in a full-fledged hunt for monsters that suit you in terms of level or value of resources, and in this way achieve a high boost WoW Cataclysm.

With this, you can easily identify the most profitable monsters by tracking where the quest system directs you, and gradually invent your leveling schemes.

You can always level up alone, ignoring quests, or, conversely, combine them to gain more experience by simply staying in the location after completing the main task.

You can also level up as part of a group to increase the amount of experience you gain in one hour of a gaming session and at the same time be protected from single representatives of the enemy faction, who can attack players based on personal hostility and the constant conflict between the Horde and the Alliance.

When you have a composition of a tank, a healer, and attacking characters, you will be able to collect large groups of monsters and attack them, receiving a good boost from WoW Classic Cataclysm and a lot of resources and gold.


You can go to raids that always focus on accumulating valuable items and getting additional leveling in WoW Classic because the boss is primarily a strengthened monster and for all your efforts you will receive additional experience and a chance for improved weapons and armor for your class, or for others, which can be sold through the auction system, or a personal trading store.

Raids are divided by difficulty level, which differ in the strengthening of the boss, and entry requirements, but also have enhanced rewards, including in the form of legendary equipment.

When you get to the normal difficulty level, try to remember as much as possible the behavior of the boss, his strengths and weaknesses, and the signature animations that happen when he delivers enhanced attacks.

All this will come in handy when you play on a higher difficulty and the system will not give any hints, and the boss will attack more often and less noticeably, which imposes the risk of ending the raid in failure if someone from your group does not play carefully.

Such raids bring the most boost in World of Warcraft Cataclysm and will allow you to get hold of legendary equipment if you are lucky, but in Mythic raids the chance is highest because the difficulty is maximum.

Order a boost

You can get upgrades to Cataclysm by ordering it from the Skycoach service.

You will need to transfer the account, because this is a prerequisite for the leveling process in WoW Cataclysm to proceed quickly and professionally, without extraneous factors that can affect the pace and quality.

The service provides you with guarantees that your account will be kept safe and confidential, its data will not be transferred to outsiders, and boosting will be handled by a service representative.

In case of disputes, you will receive monetary compensation from the Skycoach service.

When boosting, a bonus is provided in which all valuable items and resources will be collected and left on your hero as a gift and gratitude for choosing the Skycoach service as the executor of your order.

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