What to Wear On a First Date – Dos and Don’ts

Dating can be a big deal for some of us, especially when it comes to going on first dates. There is a lot of nervousness involved in the process. And, in all that nervousness, the million-dollar question remains what to wear on a date? Some guys get confused about the dressing, too, but usually girls freak out more about their first date outfits.

If you are a girl looking for first date dos and don’ts in terms of dressing, we got you covered. In this article, we have shared some outfit inspiration for first dates. More importantly, we have shared what should you not wear on a first date.

So, without further ado, let’s get dressing!

First Date Dos – What to Wear on a Date

Do you have a first date this weekend? Are you looking for some summer date night outfit inspirations? Or, are you here for ideas about winter date outfits? Whatever the case, you are in the right place. We will help you decide what to wear on a date, especially if it’s a first date.

Below, we have shared some first-date outfit ideas. They are according to different occasions, moods, seasons, and locations. So, channel your inner fashion diva and dress up for an exciting first-date.

  • An After-Work Affair

If you have a date on a weekday, you most probably won’t have time to change after work. So, dinner date dresses may have to wait for your next first date.

To dress up for a date after work is a bit challenging. You cannot be too dressed up as you will be working for the most part of the day. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot look good for your date.

So, to tackle this situation, the best outfit is a shirtdress paired with some bright and edgy shoes. This way, you will be comfortable for the work part of your day and stylish enough for the date part.

  • Classic Courtship

Classic courtship

Nothing beats a classic first-date outfit. This type of outfit is perfect for someone who feels their best in their jeans. So, to make their classic look first-date worthy, they just need to spruce things up a little.

So, if you cannot compromise on your comfort, strike a balance with some elegance. This means if you cannot give up your jeans, pair it up with a dressy blouse and heels. Go for a more formal fabric, like silk or velvet, for the blouse. Also, wear low heels to keep the elegant yet laid-back look going.

  • Sassy Dalliance


What to wear on a date when you are feeling a little sassy? A skirt would be perfect.

Hitting the sweet spot between casual and thoughtful; pair up a printed skirt with a plain t-shirt. This look strikes the perfect balance between dressy and casual. A printed skirt with a plain white/black tee and ballet flats is the perfect summer date night outfit.

  • Flirty Fling

sexy first date dress

Are you feeling a little flirty and fun, want to stay comfortable yet pumped-up? Then, it’s time to bring out your going-out top and pair it with high-waist jeans. You can choose high or low heels depending on your comfort and style.

For some people, their winter date outfits are perfect for this look. On the other hand, some people have perfect summer tops to create this look.

  • Sporty Mischief

What’s the perfect summer date night outfit? A flowy and chic midi dress paired with sneakers. This look can give most dinner date dresses a run for their money.

This outfit takes the least amount of effort and in most cases, it looks the most natural. As a result, you get more compliments. It can be carried easily and keeps things breezy and casual.

If sneakers are just too sweet for you, go for strappy sandals or wedges. They would tone the dress a little.

First Date Don’ts – What Should You Not Wear on a First Date

Now that we have decided what to wear on a date, it’s time to enter a more important territory: what not to wear on a first date?

We have got you covered here as well. Below are the top 5 things that ladies should NEVER do on a first date.

  • High Heels

high heels

If you are not comfortable with wearing high heels, don’t wear it on a first date. It’s better to wear flats or slides, instead of wearing high heels to impress the guy and end up tripping.

However, if you can wear heels comfortably and they compliment your outfit, too, wear them. Or, you can wear low heels instead of higher ones as they are comfortable yet elegant.

  • Unflattering Clothes

Messy or unflattering clothes are also on the list of first date dos and don’ts. They fall into the category of DON’TS.

Nobody is asking you to dress up too much, but that doesn’t mean you don’t put any effort into dressing up.

Don’t wear flashy or formal clothes, but also don’t wear messy and unflattering clothes either.

  • Short Skirts

A short dress or skirt is a big NO for the first date. It won’t be casual or comfortable either. So, to avoid anything awkward on your first date, it’s better to play safely in the dressing department.

  • New Outfits

Just like messy and unflattering clothes don’t go well with a first date, neither do new outfits. A new outfit would give the other person the impression that the date is a very big deal for you that you bought an outfit for the occasion. So, if you don’t want to give them the wrong impression, try wearing something you already own.

  • Too Much Makeup

Too much makeup is an instant turn off. Looking good on a first date doesn’t mean cakey makeup and bold lipsticks. You can apply subtle makeup and a light shade of lipstick and still look gorgeous. So, tread carefully in the makeup department as you wouldn’t wanna overdo it and scare the other person.

The Final Word

While what to wear on a date and first date dos and don’ts may be a big deal, they shouldn’t worry you. In the end, it is only about being you and not doing anything out of the ordinary. Remember to enjoy being on a first date instead of only worrying about your outfit and makeup.