7 Top Mailroom Management Apps In USA

In this day and age, most business owners strive to get their hands on the mailroom management available on today’s market.

Due to the pandemic, the need for efficient mailroom management has escalated. Online shopping trends continue to increase at record-breaking levels, and that growth is owed to the way in which the world has adapted and naturalized a new work-from-home model for businesses today.

According to, the number of online shoppers, this year, is predicted to skyrocket to 300 million in the United States, alone. That’s the majority of the country’s population!

Similarly, a study by Global Workplace Analytics depicts that about 4.3 million Americans are currently working from home 50 percent of the time. These new circumstances have increased mail correspondence and the influx of packages in mailrooms.

This is why it’s hardly a surprise that the global mailroom software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% by 2027. That means, by 2027, the market value for mailroom software will reach a whopping US$ 466.5 million. That’s a gigantic leap in numbers.

The Best Mailroom Management App

There is a variety of options available on the market when it comes to free mailroom management app. Here are five choices for the best mailroom software so far in 2020:

1. PackageX Mailroom — Best Mailroom Management Software


PackageX Mailroom brings you a smart and innovative way to efficiently manage your mailrooms. It is a user-friendly and highly scalable app that can cater to various industries.

Using machine vision and artificial intelligence, its software effortlessly automates all mailroom operations.

It is ideal for hotels, resorts, hospitals, universities, co-working spaces, warehouses, and other industrial hubs. It enables its users to reap the advantages of a contactless mailroom and promises an excellent end-user experience.

That’s why PackageX is one of the best mailroom software companies in the market.

⭐ Key Features

  • Efficient label and barcode scanning that eliminates the need for traditional data entry. Information is stored in the directory for later usage. Its smartphone camera application scans and retains all label information through a single snapshot.
  • There is an option available for successive scanning, so there is no need for taking breaks between scans. The system notifies you if there is an error in information, like misspelled names, and helps you make corrections through smart suggestions.
  • Smart duplicate management ensures that no package is scanned multiple times in the directory, avoiding double scan problems.
  • Package tracking is equipped with visual notifications and automated reminders that help recipients be more aware of their packages at all times and have no problem in picking them up.
  • Photo notification of packages are sent to the recipient along with its item description. There’s also the option of contactless pickup for recipient and staff safety.
  • Remote package management: call-to-action options let you put your packages on hold, forward them to different locations, or discard packages. This enables the user to manage their packages in the way most convenient for them.

💵 Pricing

  • Silver – $94.99/month: This plan offers a custom label for deliveries and co-branded email notifications. You also get a customized email sender address, robust user permissions, and dedicated onboarding sessions.
  • Gold – $113.99/month: Gold features include streamlined recipient actions. You can forward, hold, and discard delivery. Options are available to scan and send letter mail content.
  • Platinum – Custom Quote/month: Platinum features include API access and a customized onboarding program. You can have up to four dedicated onboarding sessions monthly. It also supports mailrooms in multiple languages.

🤩 Pros

  • Clear demonstration of how to sign in and sign out packages. Inclusion of the package picture helps further satisfy users.
  • Accurate tracking of inbound and outbound packages.

😐 Cons

  • Packages cannot be cancelled or deleted on the smartphone app. However, this capability will be introduced in an upcoming release.

2. Envoy Deliveries — Free Mailroom Management



Envoy Deliveries strives to make day-to-day interactions smoother. It helps make redundant mailroom management tasks easier.

Incorporating ease-of-use and a straightforward setup, the application does wonders to make mailroom management more hands-on and efficient.

By giving speedy service, Envoy Deliveries is one of the leading names among the best digital mailroom software options out there.

⭐ Key Features

  • The application offers easy data recording to the user, so all delivery details can be recorded without the need for any hardware.
  • The software comes with a built-in troubleshooting system which enhances accuracy and minimizes errors.
  • A systematic analytical record provides users with weekly email updates, along with all the information you need to track hours saved, top recipients, and total deliveries sorted by time and date.
  • Automatic notifications are in place to remind recipients to pick up their packages. There is also the option to schedule notifications to suit specific needs.
  • The settings for delivery areas can be customized and more than one delivery location can be set up at an additional cost.
  • The application notifies all team members in a specific department once a delivery has been recorded. In this way, no manual calls need to be made for the recipient to pick up their delivery.

💵 Pricing

  • Basic – Free: Ideal for relatively small workplaces.
  • Standard – $99/month: Ideal for companies with a larger number of people
  • Premium – $299/month: For companies that are incorporating multiple locations
  • Enterprise – Custom: Large workplaces with complicated security and safety needs.

🤩 Pros

  • Rapid service and friendly customer support.
  • Integration with Slack for notification updates.

😐 Cons

  • During peak user times, the application is prone to occasional crashing.

3. Workwave — Digital Mailroom Management


Workwave’s web-based program incorporates itself perfectly with mobile apps. The setup of the software ensures complete migration of the database. It is suited to businesses across all industries.

The system can be accessed from anywhere and is highly intuitive; thereby, making it extremely user – friendly. It is a complete online solution, so you don’t have to worry about local crashes.

⭐ Key Features

  • Efficient scheduling, and delivery management. Instantly automates your entire process, including route planning.
  • Dispatching issues out routes to drivers regardless of when and where they are.
  • Tracking helps engage with drivers and establishes contact for smooth delivery management. Driving reports can also be viewed for safety purposes.
  • Route optimization incorporates a steady algorithm to increase the operational efficiency of your enterprise.
  • The drag and drop scheduling feature makes it easy to manage routes.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications help streamline communication between managers and delivery drivers.

💵 Pricing

  • Workwave Route Manager Offers route planning and optimization and time window planning. Comes with Navigo™ menu toolbar and API & order management integration.
  • Workwave Route Manager 360 Offers GPS via smartphone. Effortlessly records arrival/departure and enables real-time planning. Also, it comes with automated customer notifications and live tracking.
  • Workwave Route Manager 360+ Offers GPS in-vehicle (OBD or hard-wired) and mobile barcode scanning. Records all events and stops. Regulates driver behavior and comes with a route performance dashboard.

🤩 Pros

  • Easy GPS tracking option available.
  • Customers can easily acknowledge their delivery through the app.

😐 Cons

  • Not the best customer service support. Delayed responses to user messages.

4. Earth Class Mail — Online Mailroom Management

earth class mail

Since 2004, Earth Class Mail has been responsible for scanning more than 10 million pieces of mail. The company has evolved to leverage thousands of customers across the globe.

All clients gain access to safe, secure, and easily searchable PDFs, bank deposits, and much more. The best part? It’s completely paperless and envelope free.

⭐ Key Features

  • Efficient check deposits that can be made electronically; given your permission, your mailbox will deposit the checks you receive, cutting out any hassle.
  • Consolidation of packages and receiving multiple packages per month can be tiring; your digital mailbox will consolidate packages for you, into a single shipment.
  • Multiple users can sign in, so you can easily grant access to family members and employees.
  • Physically stores mail; for the first 30 days, you can store mail for free. This is followed by a $1.50 fee/month there on out.
  • It has the option to integrate with other platforms like Dropbox, Box, GDrive &
  • By adding multiple recipients and users to your account, it enables you to manage operations on different fronts.

💵 Pricing

-__ Personal Mailbox__ – $19/month: Ideal for 1 recipient. -__ Shared Mailbox – $29/month: Ideal for 5 recipients. – Premium Mailbox__ – $79/month: Ideal for 20 recipients.

🤩 Pros

  • Great at taking and implementing suggestions.
  • No trips to the post office and super easy to use.

😐 Cons

  • Consists of an older platform which does not incorporate new design elements.

5. iOFFICE — Digital Mailroom Management Software


iOffice uniquely integrates experience management systems into the workplace. This helps connect people, places, and most importantly, data to ensure a smooth transition, and movement.

It incorporates itself into the technology already present at your workplace and fuses pioneering trends such as artificial intelligence, and internet of things (IoT) sensors.

⭐ Key Features

  • Offers a mobile app that clarifies check-ins for both IOS and android.
  • Swiftly syncs with the health app on your phone, allowing you to track steps taken in a day.
  • A digital chain offering insight into delivery times, custody dealings, alongside dates and signatures.
  • A barcode scan allows for instant, swift, and automatic courier identification, ensuring transparency all around.
  • Tools to measure performance by checking who has made the greatest number of deliveries and check-ins.
  • It has the option to integrate multiple technologies across various departments and applications.

💵 Pricing

  • SET-UP – One-time fees $2,725/month: Includes management, training and URL setup. This needs to be paid only once.
  • MONTHLY – Recurring fee $845/month: Includes mobile app upgrades, database hosting maintenance, and data backups. This is a recurring fee and you are charged every month.

🤩 Pros

  • Different modules available that can be added to the packages at any time.
  • Extremely easy to use with exceptional customer service.

😐 Cons

  • Limited features available for large organizations.

6. SwipedOn — Easy-to-Use Mailroom Management


SwipedOn is practically perfect for any enterprise that is looking to align and manage their front desk in a modern way and capture a great first impression. The company is trusted by leading brands worldwide and is entirely touch-free and digital.

Decked out with a simple, easy to use visitor management solution, SwipedOn efficiently facilitates visitors and offers the best value to its clients.

⭐ Key Features

  • It offers digital sign-in and a contactless option to register anyone that steps through your door.
  • Visitors can easily scan their QR code and fill in their details without any worry of contact while picking up deliveries.
  • Its visitor screening functionality allows each enterprise to ward off dangerous or hazardous visitors.
  • Entirely digital agreements: enables easy handling of documents and maximum security for your business.
  • Get notified quickly with instant notifications. These alerts are designed to be unobtrusive and efficient.
  • ID badge printing ensures badges can be printed on the spot, so the front desk process remains seamless.

💵 Pricing

  • Starter – $29/month: Offers one location and you can link a single iPad. Ideal for 25 employees/hosts. The number of visitors is unlimited.
  • Business – $59/month: Offers one location but you can link multiple iPads. Ideal for 250 employees/hosts. The number of visitors is unlimited.
  • Enterprise – $79/month: Offers multiple locations & linked iPads. Pricing is based on location. The number of employees and visitors is unlimited. It comes with Active Directory integration.

🤩 Pros

  • Good phone support for users.
  • Excellent fire/roll call functionality.

😐 Cons

  • Employees cannot use the same email for more than one account.

7. Notifii Track — Online mailroom Management Software


Using cloud-based technology, the app focuses on reducing user time by minimizing time spent logging packages.

It makes scanning packages, as soon as they arrive, easier on any device, such as smartphone and tablet. They target specific niches like apartments, university mailrooms, and corporate mailrooms.

It helps make mailroom management efficient by speeding up operations and increasing package transparency.

⭐ Key Features

  • Email and text platforms automate mass text messaging. It comes equipped with dynamic grouping, an automated FAQ tool, and customized text and email templates.
  • No assets lost through efficient asset management. Comes with tools for equipment reservation, automated notifications, and cameras to log in/log out.
  • Less time spent on package management with the help of tools like directory integrations, its smart snap OCR tool, and email and text automation.
  • It can support multiple concurrent users on multiple devices.
  • It comes with customizable screens and workflows, along with an option to search and keep track of your order history.
  • Users can log in to the application through different role-based user accounts.

💵 Pricing

  • Property Management

• Checkout – $49/month • Track – $79/month • Connect – $99/month

  • Business

• Checkout – $49/month • Track – $79/month

  • Education

• Checkout – $49/month • Track – $129/month • Connect – $199/month

🤩 Pros

  • Easy to use and powerful application tools.
  • Allows seamless communication with residents.

😐 Cons

  • You need to select the package type every time you scan it, which might be bothersome for some.


Mail automation has a ton of worthwhile benefits. It makes receiving and delivering packages effortless, secure, and less time-consuming. It is especially beneficial for high-volume mailrooms where traditional and manual mailroom management leads to cluttered lobbies, inaccurate deliveries, and time wastage.

For companies in today’s world, getting their hands on the mailroom management software on the market is the ideal way to ensure all their mail correspondence and package deliveries are done smoothly.