The DIY Not to Do

The DIY Not to Do

With all the advice that abounds online, the listicles and how-to’s, the guides, and the myriad of ways to spend your time, it’s no wonder there are so many people spending more time DIY’ing than ever before. Here you will be provided with a list of what not to do. It’s not exactly debunking myths, more just being real with advice that may not save you money but will indeed save time, re-dos, and heartache.

Don’t touch the electrics

With more than $350 billion spent on remodeling in the USA in the first quarter of 2021, there is no shortage of people looking to make changes to their living spaces and new home offices. The problem is that thousands of people also try to do too many things and end up injuring themselves. This is particularly true of electrical work, which in many regions requires a registered and certified electrician to carry out the work. This makes it not only safe for you and your family but, in many cases, makes the work legal.

Don’t do the roof

The roof is one of those house exteriors that looks really simple from the outside and yet is a complex layer of protection. It may be a risk you can take if you’re in the southern states, but with the weather in places like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, you’d be better off looking for the best roofing company in Michigan. Doing the roof on your own is only going to end in heartache and further costs. Rain, snow, sleet, and more will remind you in the wetter winter months of this advice (and hopefully, you followed it).

No, you can’t repave the drive

Before you start thinking about a new driveway, you will also need to consider whether to resurface or replace the current driveway. These are two vastly different undertakings and will depend on the requirements, age, and budget of your planned activity. If you have large cracks and general wear and tear on your driveway, resurfacing is a good option. However, if your drive is more than 30 years old, you may need to consider a replacement. Either way, and whatever option you decide to go for, it is best to get a professional who will help you give new life to your driveway but also assist with drainage, leveling, and longevity issues.

Keep your flooring skills in the bedrooms

You may consider replacing carpets or tiles in spaces that are not going to be the center of many extended family gatherings or get-togethers with friends. In shared spaces and areas that others will see, it is important to get the flooring right. This means bringing in a professional who will ensure that your floors are not only level but insulated and damp-proofed. If you are spending on home improvements, then prioritizing a professional look for your floors is a must.

A professional can also help you understand the benefits of underfloor heating, new techniques, and new materials for a modern and energy-efficient home.