The 8 Unhealthiest Foods For Your Pet

We could probably all guess that a hamburger or a bar of chocolate is pretty bad for our pets, but did you know that some of the most popular foods we consume could be deadly for them?

It is important to understand what the unhealthiest foods for your pet are to avoid feeding them these things and prevent any potential complications.

As with all things pet health-related, it’s worth chatting with a professional veterinarian, like the folks over at easyvet, to make sure your pet is in top health.

Here is a list of common foods and treats that are unhealthy for most pets.


There is a reason why chocolate is often referred to as toxic to dogs and cats. Chocolate, coffee, tea, and onions can cause severe health problems for pets if they consume any of them.

If your pet ingests too much chocolate, their blood pressure will rise significantly, which could cause a heart attack.


Onions can be toxic to all animals, treats included. According to Kip, Dog Daycare in Sydney, in cats and dogs, onions can cause anemia and severe gastronomical pain due to the body sending all available blood to the liver to be processed out of the body.


Coffee is a great way for a lot of us to start our day, but it’s particularly toxic for animals if consumed by them.

Symptoms of caffeine toxicity in pets include vomiting, diarrhea, increased heart rate, and blood pressure, muscle tremors, and seizures after coffee grounds or beans ingestion.

Potato Chips

Just like with dogs and cats, potatoes are extremely toxic to most animals. They can cause severe abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and severely affected kidney function.


Bananas are known to cause problems in both dogs and cats because of their hard-to-digest nature. When your pets consume bananas in excessive amounts, it causes problems in their digestive system.

The amount of potassium found in bananas is not easily metabolized by the body. This can lead to death if consumed in large quantities.

Commonly-Purchased Pets Foods

Dog or cat foods often have preservatives called nitrates or nitrites that are not healthy for pets to consume regularly.

Nitrates can potentially harm dogs and cats. So, it’s advised to avoid purchasing dog or cat food containing nitrates or nitrites.

Too Much Salt

There are two main types of salt, namely sodium and potassium. While sodium is healthy for dogs and cats, potassium is not unless it’s present in the form of sodium bicarbonate which controls blood acids.

If your pet ingests too much salt, there can be diarrhea or stomach issues within a matter of hours. If this happens, it’s best to immediately take your pet to the veterinarian to ensure they’re okay.


Smoking cigarettes can lead to severe lung damage in humans, so it only makes sense that smoking would be harmful to pets as well. Dogs or cats that smell it will likely try to eat the cigarette butt.

The nicotine found in cigarettes is especially damaging to pet’s digestive systems, causing potentially fatal results.