Must-Have Tech Tools for Those Starting a Computer Programming Business

There are plenty of tips and pieces of advice floating around that are perfect for those starting a business. All of the tips are geared toward making the process as simple and streamlined as forward so that your odds of success increase. But what about the more specific tips? Once you get past the initial big steps, then what?  Here we’ll take a look at the must-have tech tools for anyone who is starting a small home-based computer programming business. As a programmer, your tech tools are what allow you to do your job and compete with other programmers and companies.

Choose a Desktop That Can Handle Your Work

As a computer programmer, a basic entry-level desktop isn’t going to cut it. While that’s fine for personal use such as browsing the internet and using social networks, it’s nowhere near powerful enough for computer programming tasks. Your desktop needs to be able to handle the software and the number of tasks you’ll be working on. Power, speed, and storage space will all be important. 

When shopping, make sure you specifically seek a desktop for programming – which can be a tower and monitor, or an all-in-one. While you likely won’t have a lot of customers in the beginning, the hope is that your business grows, you get busier and you take on more clients. Consider how your computer will be able to handle multi-tasking and more labor-intensive projects and demands.

You Won’t Regret Buying an Oversized Monitor

Speaking of the computer monitor, if you’re buying a tower and monitor separately, this is a great chance to upgrade and get an oversized monitor. The larger the screen, the easier it will be to stare at it for long hours at a time. It will reduce eyestrain and appear clearer. The bare minimum should be a 22-inch screen.

Don’t Settle for a Basic Keyboard

Because so much of your work requires keyboard usage, this is another tech tool you’ll need to add to the list. The basic PC keyboards are fine for everyday users, but as a programmer, you’ll find a mechanical keyboard is far superior. Mechanical keyboards are much faster to type on and are therefore easier. The difference will be obvious immediately, and you’ll find you can boost your efficiency.

Even the Mouse Plays a Role

Now that you’ve got a powerful computer and a mechanical keyboard, it’s important to pair it with a mouse that also meets your specific demands. Focus on speed, precision, and functionality when shopping for a mouse. It should also be comfortable to hold in the hand, which means it needs an ergonomic design. 

Professional programmers tend to prefer a compact mouse that is wireless and has mechanical and optical switches. It will be more money than a standard mouse, but it’ll be well worth it.

Before you can think about opening the doors to your new business, you must set yourself up for success which means having the right tech tools to do your job as a computer programmer.