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Skyrim Houses – How to Build & Where to buy a Skyrim House

Action role-playing games have been top-rated among players of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. These games have highly active fandoms, merchandise, and massive fan bases. In a world where Xboxes and PlayStations have replaced outdoor playtime, such games are welcomed with open arms. Previously, there was a craze for Pokemon Go and every player was desperate about Pokemon Go Spoofing. However, recently a new game has emerged that is full of action and has gained massive popularity. We are talking about Skyrim that allows players to indulge in a fantasy-filled open world environment. Players can do a lot of things, including building Skyrim houses/Skyrim house.

This article explains how and where one can build a Skyrim house in the game. Keep reading to learn more, but first, we will introduce the game a little.

Some facts about Skyrim Houses

Initial release date: November 11, 2011

Engine: Creation Engine

Developers: Bethesda Game Studios, Iron Galaxy

Genre: Action role-playing game


  1. Xbox One
  2. Xbox 360
  3. PlayStation 4
  4. PlayStation 3
  5. Nintendo Switch
  6. Microsoft Windows

Awards: VGX Award for Best RPG

What is Skyrim?

Skyrim is the fifth installment of the Elder Scroll Series, referred to as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is an open-world action role-playing game set in the northern region with a harsh climate. The land of Skyrim is an open-world environment that allows players to play in 1st or 3rd-person perspective. The player can roam freely in the land of Skyrim, which consists of:

  • wilderness expanses
  • caves
  • fortresses
  • dungeons
  • villages
  • towns
  • cities

The land of Skyrim is also known by different names, such as the Old Kingdom, the Throat of the World, the Fatherland, or Keizaal. The natives of Skyrim are known as Nords – large, strong, and burly people – who can resist harsh environments.

The game allows players to gather trinkets, accumulate gold, get married, adopt kids, and build Skyrim player homes. However, Skyrim houses can only be built once the player has completed particular quests. Moreover, they must have the required amount of gold for building a house in Skyrim.

Where to Buy Skyrim houses/Skyrim house?


Building a house or houses in Skyrim is easy. When the game was released in 2011, it offered pre-built houses that players could purchase. However, in the next year, when the Hearthfire expansion pack was added, the ability to custom-build houses was added. But you need to know specific details about how and where you can buy and build a house.

Although building a house in Skyrim is possible, players cannot build it wherever they want. First of all, players have to reach a certain level to be able to build houses. Then, they must complete certain quests to unlock the ability to build houses on specific plots. The game offers three particular regions where players can build their houses. These include:

  1. Heljarchen Hall (The Pale hold)
  2. Lakeview Manor (Falkreath hold)
  3. Windstad Manor (Hjaalmarch hold)

Let’s discuss each location in detail.

    1. Heljarchen Hall (The Pale hold)

      Heljarchen Hall
      is located in the north of the Loreius Farm. It is the first homestead situated in the snowy tundra of the Pale. The houses Skyrim can be built in this region after the land is purchased from theJarl of the Pale
    2. Lakeview Manor (Falkreath Hold)

      Lakeview Manor
      is located in the north of Pinewatch. It is the second homestead situated in the forested foothills of the Falkreath that overlooks Lake Ilinalta. Players can build houses in this location after purchasing the land from the Jarl of the Falkreath.
    3. Windstad Manor (Hjaalmarch hold)

      Windstad Manor
      is located in the south ofHigh Gate Ruins. The third and the last homestead is situated in the lightly forested banks of the Karth and Hjaal rivers. Skyrim houses/Skyrim house can be built after purchasing the land from theJarl of the Hjaalmarch.

How to build houses in Skyrim?

Now that you know where to build Skyrim Hearthfire houses, it’s time to learn how to build them. You will need a few things before you can create your dream house in Skyrim. These include:

  • Hearthfire expansion pack
  • Domicile for purchased land from the Jarl
  • Enough amount of gold, i.e., 5000 per plot
  • Completed quests for each plot
  • More gold if you want to furnish or upgrade the houses

If you have all the above, it’s time to gather your tools and start building your ultimate homestead in your favorite location.

Below we have shared how you can build a house in the three locations mentioned above.

Homestead Cost Location How to Find How to Build
Heljarchen Hall (The Pale hold) 5000 Gold

(additional for upgrading and furnishing)

North of the Loreius Farm Take the road south from Dawnstar.

Go past Fort Dunstad and head south.

You will find the homestead on the board with Whiterun Hold near the Giants’ Gap.

Talk to the Jarl of the Pale.

Jarl Skald will ask you to complete the ‘Waking Nightmare’ quest and kill a nearby Giant.

Jarl Brina usually grants immediate access.

Lakeview Manor (Falkreath hold)

5000 Gold

(additional for upgrading and furnishing)

North of Pinewatch

Take the road east from Falkreath.

Then turn north at the crossroads.

Turn left past Pinewatch and you have reached.

You will receive a letter if you are the Thane of Falkreath. It will inform you that the plot is available for purchase.

Meet Jarl Siddgeir and complete his quest to unlock the plot

Windstad Manor (Hjaalmarch hold)

5000 Gold

(additional for upgrading and furnishing)

South of High Gate Ruins

Reach the coast across the Karth delta from Solitude.

Go to Highmoon Hall in Morthal and talk to Jarl Idgrod Ravencrane.

He will offer you the ‘Laid to Rest’ quest.

After completing the quest, ask the steward for a house and he will offer you a plot.


Skyrim player homes are a fun addition to the series. They make the experience more wholesome and make the game more engaging. So, learn where and how to build houses in Skyrim and have fun.