Short Male Celebrities who made it Big in the Hollywood

Most of the famous male celebrities are quite well known for their attractive and appealing faces. Usually, actors are thought to be tall and they are known for their stature. Having said that, every now and then you will come across male celebrities that are short or who are not considered tall as per Hollywood standards but they are quite famous and leave a mark with their unique artistic abilities. 

If you’ve ever noticed there are always a handful of short actors around, they’re probably in some popular TV shows, movies, or commercials. Short height is almost becoming the norm!

Short male celebrities can be seen as famous actors, singers, and comedians. But the real charm of these stars lies in their unique personality.

Most of the time, these short actors appear in supporting roles rather than lead roles. But as everything has some exceptions so this short height with mediocre acting skills also has its exceptions. Therefore, you will see many actors in leading roles despite having a short height. 

Several short male actors have been able to take part in more than one film and have emerged as huge stars. One of the best of this bunch is Heath Ledger, who played the sad, depressed Joker in “The Dark Knight”. Although he was only 5′ 4″, Ledger oozed confidence and became an instant fan favorite. In fact, he has even received multiple Academy Awards for his performance

What are the Average Short Male Celebrities Heights?

The average height of men in Hollywood is about 5 feet 10 inches. Standing well below this average height, short celebrities continue to take their career to new heights. 

Most of the famous short male celebrities that made it to our list have heights below this average height mark. The tallest of these short celebrities is 5 feet 7 inches tall while the shortest is just 4 feet 10 inches tall.

Height has never been an issue for their flawless performances on screen!

Short Male Celebrities Who are Standing Tall!

You will agree with us that height does not matter if you have got talent. Just have a look at the following list of celebrities who are very successful in their careers despite not being that tall.

  • Tom Cruise


The first celebrity to grace this list had to be none other than Tom Cruise.  His charismatic personality makes up for his short height. He acted brilliantly in numerous blockbusters opposite tall actresses and left his mark through his great acting. Tom is 5’ 7” but many believe that he is even shorter than that and wears height boosters in his shoes!

  • Elijah Wood


Elijah is known for playing Frodo Baggins in the famous Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Standing 5 feet 6 inches tall, he is considered a short height. Elijah is often mistaken for another famous English actor Daniel Redcliff, who is an inch shorter than Elijah.

  • Al Pacino


Al Pacino is a seasoned actor with a highly creative acting career.  Although not tall in terms of height being 5 feet 7 inches but has a great on-screen presence that landed him his famous role of a ruthless gangster in The Godfather. 

  • Bruno Mars


Bruno mars is a multi-talented American musician with many hit numbers to his credit. His short height has not stopped him from winning Grammy Award or being a multi-platinum recording artist. Bruno is 5’ 5”.

  • Daniel Redcliff


The Harry Potter fame Daniel Redcliff is a short but awesome actor.  Daniel is 5 feet 5 inches which is a less than average height but height has not been a problem in making his net worth $110 million.

  • Scott Caan

Scott is 5’ 5” which helped him land a part in the TV series Entourage 2009-2011. The entire cast of this series has short-heights.  Other than that Scott has worked in many famous movies.

  • Martin Freeman


A talented actor and comedian, Martin Freeman is 5 feet 6 inches tall. He is famous for playing the character of Dr. Watson in the BBC series Sherlock Holmes.

  • Tom Hollander


5 feet 5 inches tall English actor Tom Hollander has acted in countless films. Our favorite is his portrayal of Mr. Collins in 2005 Pride and Prejudice.  He is a short actor with not so short-acting career starting at age fourteen and still going strong.

  • Seth Green


Seth has appeared in several hit films and acted perfectly in them. He is 5’ 4” which makes him considerably short but don’t let this fool you!

Despite being short he has a beautiful tall wife who loves him. So, all short men out there have a fair chance of being with partners taller than they are. 

  • Danny DeVito


The first thing you notice about Danny DeVito is his height. You just cannot hide your height when you are 4 feet 10 inches. 

That said, Danny is one hell of an actor. Danny suffers from a genetic disorder that affects bone growth but it never stopped him from showing his full potential.

Our Concluding Thoughts on Short Male Celebrities

Height does not matter at all if you have got the talent to prove yourself. The celebrities mentioned in this article are a great example of this. Many handsome male celebrities couldn’t make it in their respective fields because they didn’t have the passion while many short celebrities have decades-long careers because of their talent and hard work.