turn your iPhone into a rainbow art

The Art of Cracked Rainbow for iPhone

There is no doubt that iPhone is a beautiful phone but it does have its downsides. It is not a very durable gadget. You might have seen so many iPhones with scratched, broken screens and cracked back cases. If you don’t want to end up with a cracked iPhone, the best precaution to take is to slip your iPhone into a protective cover immediately after buying!

But many people don’t like the idea of hiding their expensive phone in cheap phone cases and that is why accidents happen!

iPhones are fragile and a broken and cracked iPhone as soon as it hits the ground is the proof!

Now that you have an iPhone with a cracked back-case, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to simply ignore it or try to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible?

rainbow cracked iphone

Turning a trashed iPhone into a work of art

So, after you have a cracked iPhone in your hands what is your next strategy? Are you simply going to get a new one? Or get the screen or back-case replaces? Or turn to cracked iPhone rainbow art as a creative and very inexpensive solution?

The answer lies in how much money you have at your disposal for a new phone. If you cannot afford a new phone stat then try your hands at some colors!

There are so many ways you can transform your damaged iPhone into a stunning piece of art. The cracked rainbow repair is becoming very popular these days. The number of cracked iPhone is going up and so is the number of people attempting this rainbow craft on cracked iPhones.  Just search for rainbow cracked iPhone on Pinterest, and look for yourself what we are talking about!

You will be blown away by the amount of rainbow cracked iPhone DIYs shared on social media. You will come across beautiful creations making use of markers, highlighters, and food colors to add multi colors to the cracks which give an illusion of the rainbow.  The only problem is this hack does not work very well with black iPhones as the colors don’t pop out as much as they do for white iPhones.

rainbow cracked iphone

Rainbow cracked iPhone – Yay or nay!

As with any new idea, people will have opposing views on this practice of cracked rainbow iPhone case. For some, it is an atrocity to turn such a pristine-looking phone into a splash of colors. While others will see it as a creative way to somewhat hide the ugly cracks. 


We genuinely think that it is a great way to make those ugly cracks look less obvious. It is mostly young persons who would want to have a little fun and flaunt their rainbow-colored iPhone in front of their like-minded peers!

How to turn your iPhone into a rainbow art?

We agree that opting for cracked iPhone rainbow DIY is not a permanent solution to repair a cracked case but it is sure to look hip until you decide to get a new phone!

This rainbow DIY is the easiest and cheapest way to make a cracked iPhone look a little less miserable. Colors always add character to a product and this rainbow cracked iPhone is no exception.  The cracks on each iPhone appear distinctively. Just try to use a little of your imagination and make a mental note on how you are going to apply the colors. This will give you a matchless and personalized pattern of the cracked rainbow!

There are many tutorials on YouTube that can help you with a quick DIY. The steps are really simple. It would take just 10 minutes of your time and you are done!

Follow the following procedure:

  • Draw all over the cracks on the back-case with different colored highlighters like a gradient
  • Keep wiping excess ink with a paper towel
  • Cover it with a coat of clear nail polish to stop small pieces of glass from falling off

If you don’t like too many colors (rainbow has seven colors) then you can opt for two to three colors of varying depths to give a unique and customized look to your cracked iPhone. It won’t look like a rainbow but it will look amazing nonetheless!

turn your iPhone into a rainbow art

Our verdict

We know that not every one of you will be as enthusiastic about an iPhone case rainbow cracked look as the rest of us. This is only a suggestion and not a mandatory thing to do if you get a cracked iPhone. You can go and buy a new iPhone if that is what your heart desires!

Follow this cracked rainbow trend only if it resonates with you completely.  Otherwise, just let the ones, who find it charming, try it on their iPhones without judging their choice! 

We pray that your iPhones never slip from your grip!