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Little Girls in High Heels – Trendy or Terrifying?

Little girls in high heels look really cute. Those tiny creatures walking on the floor with their teeny tiny feet and a little click-clack of their heels – sounds adorable, right? It is, but only for a while. Heels can lead to numerous health concerns and posture problems in children later in life.

In this article, we have shared experts’ opinions about health concerns related to little girls in high heels. So, continue reading to find out how a little dress-up game can end up harming your little princess. Moreover, you can also learn how to persuade your little fashionistas from wearing high heels for just a few more years.

Health Concerns Related to Little Girls in High Heels

health concerns to little girls in high heels

Although high heels are a girl’s secret weapon at any age, they can also be a girl’s greatest enemy. But young girls in high heels are more at stake than adult ladies. So, mommies need to be careful about their mini-mes and how they copy their every move.

Dana Points, who is the editor-in-chief of a reputable parenting magazine, appeared on The Early Show and discussed several concerns about this issue.

According to Points, children’s bones keep forming up until the age of 12. Little girls are the most vulnerable in this regard, especially at the age of 5. But their bones do not completely form until they are 12 years old. She believes that their tendons may get shortened in heels. So, mommies should not allow them more than a little time in high heels every week.

Points said, “I know that seems like a long time if you have a 6-year-old who is desperate to wear heels but this too shall pass”.

Effects of High Heels on Children’s Bodies

effects of high heels on children body

While Points discussed some health concerns related to little girls in very high heels, those are not the only problems. Numerous medical issues may arise in little girls due to wearing high heels. Therefore, parents should be careful about little girls wearing high heels.

Some of these physical consequences are as follows:

  • Muscle Development

Many podiatrists believe that high heels can hinder muscle development, especially during growth years. As a result of this, children suffer from leg and back problems from an early age.

  • Circulation Issues

The calf pump is like the heart for the legs because it pumps the blood out of the lower extremities. However, wearing high heels can paralyze the calf muscle movement, causing blood circulation problems.

  • Walking Mechanics

A child develops his/her walking mechanics during the early stages of life. Excessive use of high heels can negatively impact anyone’s gait, but it affects children more severely. A high heel impacts the walking mechanism, which leads to shortened calf muscle fibers. As a result, the risk of a muscle strain increases and causes dramatic physical consequences.

  • Chronic Injury

High heels can lead to ankle sprains and falling, especially when little girls are playing or running with their friends. Your little princess doesn’t yet understand that wearing high heels requires balance and stability. They may love wearing them because their mommy wears heels, but their little bodies are not ready for the responsibility. So, if they end up playing games that involve running or sports, they may get hurt.

What can parents do for cute girls in high heels?

cute girls in high heels

First of all, do not show them pictures of beautiful girls in high heels, such as Suri Cruise – daughter of Tom Cruise. The little fashionista has been responsible for the Suri Cruise Effect on toddlers all around the world due to her high heels. She has been seen wearing child-size heels on numerous occasions.

Besides keeping the A-list tots from your children, parents can also do the following:

  • Parents can point out the dangers of wearing high heels.
  • They can persuade them with another favorite, like wearing their favorite dress, or taking their favorite purse.
  • If a child is really small, he/she may be hard to handle. However, they can be persuaded with stuff like not being able to play and run with their friends.
  • If a little girl is adamant to wear high heels, parents can allow them to wear them for a few hours every week.
  • Parents can bring their little girls along for shoe-shopping if they refrain from buying high heels.

The Bottom Line

Little girls in high heels boots may look cute, stylish, and chic, but parents should never compromise health for style. Your little princess can always wear high heels once she grows up a little. But God forbid if she develops a permanent defect, you won’t be able to forgive yourself. So, keeping your little girl from wearing high heels may be difficult, but it can save them from dire consequences.