What are the Causes and Remedies of an Itchy Beard?

Keeping a beard is in fashion these days. You will see many men with luscious beards that look very graceful. Many men have started to grow their beards to keep up with the trend.

While some people grow their beards effortlessly, many have a hard time growing a new beard. If you have just started to grow a beard or even after rocking a beard for quite some time, you have to face a few beard-related problems one of which is itchy beard. 

The itchiness of the beard is one such common problem that many beard-growers have to face at some point.

Why is my beard itchy? This is a common question that beard experts are asked the most.

Men who have faced beard itchiness will tell you how frustrating this situation can be. Beard itchiness can be unnoticeable and light to quite irritating and severe. The intensity of the itch determines how to tackle it properly so it doesn’t affect your everyday life.

To treat the itchiness of the beard effectively, first, we have to know what are its causes and triggers. Therefore, we will start by finding the reasons that start itchiness.


Itchy Beard – What Are Its Causes?

Why does my beard get itchy?

Many dermatologists hear this so very often which shows that it is a common issue among bearded men. We know that every one of you who is facing the problem of itchiness would like to know more about the causes of itchiness of beard.

While there can be several reasons that can cause itchiness, some most common ones are as follows:

  • Dry Skin

Dryness of the skin is the main cause of the itchiness of the beard in most cases. Many factors are responsible for making the skin dry such as:

  • Cold and dry weather
  • Use of soap
  • Certain medications
  • Medical conditions
  • Genetic 

Both new and well-established types of beards can be affected by the dryness of the skin. Knowing the cause of dryness and addressing it to cure the dryness can help in treating itchiness.

  • Ingrown Hair

This is a fundamental cause of beard itchiness if you have hard and curly beard hair. Ingrown hair happens when shaven hair grows back into hair follicles instead of growing out of the skin. Ingrown hair causes inflammation of the follicle that irritates the skin causing the beard to itch.

  • New Beard

When the beard is in the initial stages of growth it is more prone to itchiness because the skin is not used to having long hair on it so it responds by itching. Shaving regularly serves as an exfoliating procedure so when you are not shaving, dry skin accumulates in the beard region causing itchiness. keeping your skin hydrated is the key for this reason.

How to Make a Beard Less Itchy? Some Do’s and Don’ts


Because beard hair is different from the hair on the head so you have to take care of the beard hair in a different way. Keeping good hygiene is the most important itchy beard remedy. 

We don’t have any itchy beard home remedy for you to try but you can use the following tips as preventive measures to avoid itchiness. Work on a daily beard pampering routine for healthy skin under the beard.

Stick to the following essential rules of beard care and see what difference it makes in your life:

  • Wash Your Beard

Wash your beard every day with lukewarm water. Try to avoid the use of shampoo too often as it can strip the beard hair of natural oils and can cause dryness.

  • Use Beard Wash Instead Of Shampoo 

Beard hair is best washed with a dedicated beard wash instead of regular shampoo as it can clog pores and damage beard hair. Soaps are also bad for beards. Beard wash is a beard’s best friend being chemical-free along with providing much-needed hydration to the beard.

  • Use Conditioner

Use a conditioner for your beard to make it smooth, soft, and more manageable. Conditioners keep the skin from dryness by hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

  • Brush Your Beard

Don’t forget to brush your beard after washing and conditioning. Brushing becomes so effortless after you have properly conditioned your beard. Brushing lets the beard hair grow in the right direction and reduces the chances of an itchy beard. Use brushes specifically made for beards for good results.

  • Trim Beard Regularly

Trimming the beard not only gives a clean look but also minimizes the chances of itchiness by getting rid of damaged and split hair.

  • Avoid Hot Water

Showering with water that is too hot makes your skin dry which can cause your beard to itch. Avoid washing your face too much when showering in hot water to solve this problem.

  • Don’t Scratch Your Beard

Scratching your beard will only make your itch worse so suppress the urge to scratch. It is a difficult thing but not impossible. Moisturize your beard and consult your dermatologist if needed.

  • Allow Hair Growth

Let your beard grow if it is your first time. Short beard hair tends to irritate but once it is out of skin the itchiness will reduce eventually. Patience is the key here.

Final Words on the Treatment of an Itchy Beard

How to make beard less itchy is a genuine question. So, we hope that we have answered most of your concerns about this issue.

Adopting a daily beard grooming routine is likely to help you prevent the itchiness of the beard to a great extent. If your conditions persist then do not wait any longer to consult your dermatologist who can advise you better.