What are the Reasons Behind Instagram User Not Found?

I communicated with my friend on Instagram and commented on his post just yesterday. Now I wanted to share the post with someone else so I open my Instagram and start looking for the post but to no avail. Then, I try to search his username to get to the post but I get a shock when I see ‘Instagram User not found’ as a result.

Am I blocked by my friend?

This is the first thing that pops up in my mind because I just cannot think of another reason. How will I know for sure that I have been blocked by my dear friend?

So, I embark on a journey to find out what does it mean on Instagram User not found and the reasons behind it.

Many of you might also have come across this Instagram user not found notification which leaves you wondering about the reasons for this error. Therefore, this article is for you as well which is going to answer most of your queries regarding this matter.

Let us go through this issue in detail.

What does Instagram User not Found Mean?

It simply means that the username you are looking for on Instagram either does not exist anymore or for some reason, you are unable to see their account.

There can be so many different reasons for this. To know more about this topic, keep on reading. By the end of this article, we hope that you will be able to find an answer to your curiosity!  


Common Reasons for the Instagram User not Found

Instagram allows the profile holders to change their username, disable their account, change the account to private mode, delete it completely or block another account if they want to. So, there can be several reasons why you cannot access a particular account. The likely reasons for not being able to find a username can be one of the following:

  • Change in Username

If a profile holder changes their username and you are clicking on their old username from comments or an old conversation then you will get a User not found notification.

You cannot find an account with their old handle so it results in this error. You can go to their profile by clicking on their new handle from the list of accounts that you are following because changing the username doesn’t terminate you from being their followers unless they block you intentionally.

  • The User Disabled their Account Temporarily

If a person disables their account for any reason, you can get a User not found error. Unlike deleting the account this is a temporary move and you will be able to find this account if the owner decides to use their handle and make it active again.

  • If the Owner Deletes their Account

The user can also decide to permanently delete their account if they no longer want to run their profile on Instagram. You will not be able to find them through an Instagram search. 

If you click on their icon from a private message it directs you to their profile but with User not found notice on it.

  • Instagram Suspends the Account

Instagram user not found error can also show up if Instagram suspends or bans a profile for a breach of any guidelines set by Instagram.

For example, Instagram can ban a profile if they post inappropriate content or for copyright issues as well. A banned profile will show the User not found notice on it.

  • When an Account Blocks You

Last but not the least, you can get User not found error if you are blocked by a particular account. So, it can be one of the reasons but not the only reason that you get to see this notice!

How to Tell if Someone Has Blocked you on Instagram?

We know that you would still want to be sure that a particular account has not blocked or blocked you. So, how do you do this?

Well, it is simple and easy. Just login to Instagram from another account or ask a friend to try and reach that account from their Instagram. They will be able to see the profile without any hitch if that account is not disabled, deleted, banned or the username has not been changed. Now you can be certain that you have been blocked by that account!

And if your friend also gets the same User not found notification then take a sigh of relief as they did not block you but there is some other reason for that account not being shown.

Can I Block Someone Without Them Knowing?

For a limited time, you can get away with blocking someone without them taking the notice of it. But rest assured that they will find out if they do some simple detective work!

Final Thoughts

Many people encounter this Instagram user not found error for one reason or another. Do not jump to the worst conclusion when you see this notification. Find the reasons as to why someone would block you from their account. Even if somebody blocks you, do not get angry over it. There are many other great profiles to follow on Instagram and also you are better off without an account that does not welcome you in their social world!