The 5 Most Common Insects Found On Your Household Plants

The 5 Most Common Insects Found On Your Household Plants

There are two types of insects that can be found on your inside, or household, plants. The first is the good kind, these are the insects that don’t harm your plants and even prey on insects that do harm your plants. In short, this type of insect is welcome.

Unfortunately, most of the insects you find on your plants will fall into the second category, insects that eat your plants. These are the undesirable ones. You need to be aware of what these ones are and what you can do to get rid of them. If you don’t know how to fix the issue yourself then it is time to look for pest control near me, they are certain to be able to help you eliminate the issue.

  1. Common Brown Scale

This insect is part of the Coccidae family. Although there are several options available, the brown soft scale is the one you will most likely discover. The funny thing is that they are almost invisible. These insects stick to the stem and the underside of the leaves. They are small and brown, which means they look like pieces of your plant! Seasoned exterminators can help you identify them easier.

However, if you notice that the lower leaves of your plant are shiny and sticky, you probably have these insects on your plants. You can get rid of them manually, by running your hands along the leaves and stems. But, make sure you cover the soil to catch any that fall off.

  1. Mealy Bugs

You may not know this but the Mealy bug is actually another form of scale. However, these insects don’t have the same body armor, making them easier to remove. However, they do reproduce rapidly, meaning that you will need to take quick action.

The easiest thing is to release green lacewings and mealy bug destroyers onto your plant, they will quickly eradicate the issue for you.

You can also dab them with alcohol to kill them, but you will need to locate all the mealy bugs on your plants.

  1. Aphids

This is probably the best known of all the insects you may come across on your plants. These insects multiply rapidly but can be killed by simply squashing them. They do leave a sticky trail behind that attracts other insects and mold.

You can eliminate them by spraying the plant vigorously with a hose on a warm day, outside.

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  1. Whitefly

These are easy to spot because they are white and they are capable of flying. This means you need to approach with a little caution, you don’t want to send them flying to another plant. Insufficient quantities, the whitefly can sap the goodness from your plant and seriously weaken it.

The best approach is to use sticky fly traps in yellow, they are attracted to this color.

  1. Fungus Gnats

Fungus Gnats actually look very similar to the fruit fly although they are not so good at flying. They love damp soil and eat the fungi in the soil. They are relatively harmless but the sticky traps can effectively eliminate them in a few days.