how to fix water damaged macbook air

How to Fix Water Damaged MacBook Air? The Dos and Don’ts

How do people manage to spill water on their expensive MacBook Air?

We know that nobody does it deliberately but this is one costly mistake. So, now what do you do after you accidentally spill a glass of water over your MacBook?

There are many tips and tricks that people will advise you to attempt but we will ask you to do a thorough search before you try any hacks on your water-damaged MacBook Air. In this article, we have discussed some important things to keep in mind and a few steps you need to follow immediately after the spill to limit the extent of the damage. 

Let us now embark on our journey to find answers to our question that is how to fix water-damaged MacBook Air along with busting some myths regarding some miraculous fixes for the water-damaged MacBook Air.

Can a Water Damaged MacBook Air be Fixed?

Will you be surprised if we tell you that the folks in Apple Store do not offer repair services for a MacBook that is damaged by liquids?

As surprising as it might be, it ensures one thing that the MacBook which is damaged by water is not easy to repair. So, you must be wondering how much does it cost to fix a water damaged MacBook Air? In many cases, you will need an expert to assess the magnitude of damage to your MacBook. If it’s a minor spill then obviously the repair cost will be low but in case of extensive exposure to water, the cost to repair water damaged MacBook Air can be very high.

To ascertain the damage to your MacBook before going to an expert, you need to know a few basic things yourself so you could guess the damage and repairing cost. This will also help you to take a few immediate measures to stop any further damage to your MacBook.

How Water Damages the Insides of a MacBook?


There are some important things you should know about liquid spills especially water that how it can damage your MacBook. You will better understand the gravity of the damage if you know about the effects of water on the logic board and circuit inside the MacBook.

The logic board has different components that are made up of various metals such as copper, silicon, fiberglass, etc. When water touches those metals, the salts in the water start reacting with those metals. It means that the metals start corroding and oxidizing slowly after the water reaches these metals. More commonly, you can call this process as rusting of the metals.

Rusting affects the functioning of these metal parts of the MacBook. Your MacBook might be working fine after a spill but it can suddenly stop functioning. The reason being, when the deposit of the rust on these parts exceeds a certain limit, it stops the components from performing properly. Therefore, the MacBook can stop working altogether even after a few days of water damage.

How to Fix Water Damaged MacBook Air?

Certain factors can speed up the rusting process after the water damage. The electric current is one such factor that quickens the rusting. Even if the MacBook is off the current passes through it if it is plugged in and the switch is turned on. This rust can also travel to the other parts of the logic board that were initially not affected by water. So, you have to take some measures without wasting any time.

What to Do Immediately after Water Spills on MacBook?


Make sure to do the following tasks as soon as you spill any water or any other liquid on your MacBook.

  • Unplug the charger if MacBook was on charge
  • Turn off the MacBook
  • Use tissue paper to dry any visible moisture
  • Leave your MacBook open like a tent

These steps might look like basic things but they can make a lot of difference if acted upon quickly. These actions might not work in cases of severe damage but for minor spills, they might help a lot. 

Many experts tell you to wait for 48 hours before doing any repair work on your MacBook. It is up to you if you want to contact a repair expert right away or not. In some cases, you better not waste any time and see a repair expert immediately.

If water spills over the speakers and you want to know how to fix water-damaged speakers MacBook Air, follow the above steps exactly before seeking the services of an expert.

Things to Avoid When Water Spills on MacBook

After you have accidentally spilt water over your MacBook try not to do the following actions. This will help you to avoid any further damage to your device:

  • Don’t use hot air e.g. hairdryer to dry the spill
  • Refrain from shaking your MacBook to get rid of water 
  • Avoid turning on your MacBook to see if it is working or not
  • Do not put your MacBook into rice!

While the rice trick might work somewhat on water damaged iPhones, it does not have any effect on MacBook at all.

Our Final Words on How to Fix Water Damaged MacBook Air

Before you go and start searching for a repairing expert, make sure to follow these simple steps. These can be very helpful in stopping or delaying any more harm to your MacBook.

In addition, to avoid any water spill accident in the future, try not to consume any liquid near or while working on your MacBook.

Precautions are better than damaging your device accidentally and regretting later on!