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How to Download from KissAnime [Episodes + Full Seasons]

Today’s world is continuously developing new modes of entertainment every day. A few years ago, people were crazy about Pokémon Go. Later, binge-watching Netflix TV shows become a hot trend. Recently, more and more people are joining the anime-watching army. Anime is a popular trend nowadays, especially among teenagers. It is a particular style of animation that originated in Japan. In the beginning, these animations were hand-drawn; however, nowadays, computer-designed animations are also becoming popular. Anime refers to all animated works in Japan, but outside Japan, it is associated with animation produced solely in Japan.

Since watching anime has become a trend, people look for sources to download episodes of their favorite anime TV shows. Among other sources, you can watch your favorite anime and download from KissAnime.

In this article, we have explained the download procedure step-by-step to help you download your favorite TV shows.

What is KissAnime?

KissAnime is a popular streaming website that solely caters to the anime genre. It hosts hundreds of anime links and embedded videos. Users can easily download or stream their favorite anime TV shows and movies for free. Although it is free to download from KissAnime , it is considered illegal in some countries, so it may be a banned website.

This popular website has hundreds of recent anime shows in the database. Moreover, new episodes are regularly uploaded. While KissAnime allows users to stream online, some users may experience buffering issues. Therefore, users should download the shows beforehand to watch their favorite shows uninterrupted.

KissAnime also has a sister website by the name of KissManga that has a wide variety of Manga for viewing.

Now let’s learn how to download a single episode from KissAnime.

Single Episode Download from KissAnime

Using KissAnime to download your favorite anime TV shows is extremely easy. However, some users struggle with downloading single episodes. Therefore, we have explained in the easiest way possible how to download single episodes from KissAnime.

We tried to download a random episode of a popular anime TV show, Death Note (original title: Desu Nôto), for this tutorial.

Step 1

Type in your browser. It will take you to the KissAnime homepage.

Step 2

In the second step, type the name of your desired anime TV show or movie in the search bar. The search bar is located in the upper-right corner of the homepage. Since we are downloading an episode from Death Note , we typed “ death note ” into the search bar.

Step 3

Once you type the name of the show, it will give all available suggestions in a drop-down menu. Select the one that you want to download. If a TV show has multiple seasons, it will show each season on the menu. However, since Death Note only has one season, the menu showed one TV show option along with movies by the same name. We have to select the last option because it is a TV show.

Step 4

As soon as you click the last option, it will open another tab. When you scroll down, you will find a list of all episodes from Death Note. We randomly selected the 28 th episode and clicked on it.

Step 5

find the media player

A new tab will open as soon as you click the desired episode. In the new tab, you will find a media player. If you click on the little blue play icon in the middle of the media player, you can stream the episode online.

However, since we are downloading the episodes, scroll down the media player, and you will see a clickable link saying Download Death_Note_Episode_27.mp4. Click on it, and your episode will start downloading.

Step 6

If you have Google Chrome, your download will start automatically, and you will be able to monitor it at the bottom of the screen. However, a pop-up screen will appear on-screen if you are using Mozilla Firefox.

Select Save File and click OK. It will start your download, and you can monitor it by clicking the small download icon in the upper right corner of your browser.

Sentence: If you still can’t find a way to effectively download an episode, you can use a screen recorder tool to record the video straight from your screen.

Your file will be saved in your default Downloads folder with the filename mentioned below the download link. You can easily access the video and play it via your media player.

Full Season Download from KissAnime

It is extremely easy to download from KissAnime. However, it depends on the user’s choice whether they want to download one episode or an entire season. The general steps are the same in both cases.

Let’s see how you can download an entire season from KissAnime.

  1. Open the KissAnime website on your browser.
  2. Type Death Note in the search bar.
  3. Select the desired season (in this case, there is only one season, so open the last option like above).
  4. When the new tab opens, you will see a clickable link saying Click here to download all.
  5. As soon as you click on the link, your download will start.

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This article has given a step-by-step tutorial to download from KissAnime. By following these simple steps, you can easily download your favorite anime TV shows from the website. Moreover, you have the option of downloading the entire season in one go or episode-wise. So, follow this quick and easy tutorial to download your favorite anime TV shows and watch them uninterrupted. Besides downloading, you can stream your favorite shows online. But it is recommended to download in advance to avoid any buffering issues.