How to Download Embedded Videos through Browser Extensions

The internet is a rabbit hole of information, news, media, and memes. We see hundreds of videos, images, and articles online every day. While most entertainment on the internet is fleeting in the form of 1-minute videos, sometimes we want to save these videos. There can be many reasons for saving a particular video. For instance, we may not have an internet connection later, so we would like to watch it offline. Or, we may want to share it with someone else. Whatever the reason, usually, it is possible to download videos from different websites with a few clicks. However, not all videos can be downloaded that easily. Many websites, like YouTube, do not allow users to download videos from their platforms. So, it becomes a bit tricky to download embedded video files from different websites.

So, what can be the solution to this never-ending problem?

There is a simple solution in the form of browser extensions, and in this article, we will explain how you can use them to download your favorite videos from the internet. So, continue reading to find out some amazing browser extensions for downloading embedded videos.

Downloading Embedded Videos

There are different methods for downloading embedded videos from the internet. Some of these include:

  • Browser extension
  • VLC media player
  • Web-based tools
  • Developer tools within the browser
  • Screen-capture software

While all these methods are practical and give desired results, the most straightforward method is using a browser extension. Therefore, we have only discussed that below.

NOTE: It is possible that any of the above tools may or may not work for a particular website due to a number of reasons. So, it is better to learn how to use all these tools to be on the safe side.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

Using Browser Extensions to Download Embedded Video Files

As mentioned above, this method is the easiest and most straightforward one for downloading embedded videos. It allows users to download their favorite videos from any website with the touch of a button.

Below we have shared three excellent browser extensions for downloading videos. These include the following:

  1. Flash Video Downloader
  2. Video DownloadHelper
  3. Free Video Downloader

While these extensions work on almost all video websites, they are not compatible with YouTube.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

  • Flash Video Downloader

flash video downloader

The first extension on our list is the Flash Video Downloader. Although Adobe recently discontinued its Flash application, and it is no longer supported, this extension is still working.

The Flash Video Downloader is available on Firefox and Chrome. You can easily find it in the Chrome Web Store searching by its name. Besides Chrome and Firefox versions, this extension is also available in Safari for Apple users.

chrome web store

Currently, the Flash Video Downloader has 100000+ users with more than 5500 reviews. It allows users to download their favorite embedded videos from a number of platforms.

If you install this extension in Firefox, you will see a small arrow in the browser’s taskbar. This arrow will turn blue, and you can click on it to download and save the video.

Although this extension may not work on every website, it works on the most popular ones. So, you can easily download embedded video files from your favorite websites.

  • Video DownloadHelper (Chrome/Firefox)

Video DownloadHelper

Our second browser extension is the Video DownloadHelper. In 2007, it was created as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Later, in 2015, it was also made available as an extension for Google Chrome. You can easily search for it in the Chrome Web Store.

web store

Besides Firefox and Chrome, it is also available for Safari on Mac.

The Video DownloadHelper offers download services on a wide range of websites, including popular and lesser-known ones. For instance, you can easily download embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo using this extension.

Users can easily download and save their favorite videos from different websites in any format on their hard drives. The download process is simple, quick, and smooth. Moreover, this extension is constantly updated and maintained, due to which it is fast and bug-free.

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  • Free Video Downloader

free video downloader

The last extension on our list is the Free Video Downloader. It is easily available on the Chrome Web Store.

find in chrome web store

Generally, this extension works well for almost every video platform. It only doesn’t work for the websites that block extension-based downloads, like YouTube.

It supports the following file types:

  • MP4
  • MOV
  • FLV
  • AVI
  • WEBM
  • ASF
  • MPG

You can also download multiple videos at once from 99% of video websites using this extension.


The browser extensions mentioned above are some amazing ways to download embedded video files. They are easy to use and work with almost all video websites. Moreover, they help download and save videos in several file formats.