greek cat names ideas

50 Awesome Greek Cat Names for Male and Female kittens

Now that you have planned on getting a kitten or you already have one, it is time to give your cat a proper name!

There are so many names to choose from and it becomes quite difficult when everyone in the house wants to choose a name for the pet. There are so many things to be considered while naming a cat from its breed to its looks and personality and so on.

Today, we have chosen Greek cat names for inspiration!

greek cat names

Why Choose Greek Names for a Cat?

Greece is a beautiful country with rich history, unique culture, gorgeous landscape, and a very mild climate. It offers so much inspiration for some pretty Greek cat names. You can choose from the names of Greek Gods and Goddesses, Greek mythology, Greek places, Greek food, and famous Greek personalities. 

There can be many reasons for you to choose a Greek name for your beloved kitten. Maybe your ancestors were Greek and you want to honor them by choosing a Greek name for your pet or maybe you are simply in love with the culture of this beautiful country, Greek names add a certain charm to your kitten’s personality.  We hope you will be able to find some cool Greek cat names after going through the following lists.

Let us have a look at Greek cat names and meanings to help you choose the best name for your feline. We have categorized Greek cat names into different segments based on their origin and type so it is easier for you to go through them.

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Greek Mythology inspired cat names

Greek mythology comprises stories of gods and goddesses, legends, and heroes told by ancient Greeks.  This folklore offers so many names with fabulous meanings that can be used for your cats. Greek mythology cat names are best suited for cats with sturdy and mythical personalities.   

Let us have a look at Greek gods and goddesses names so you can choose a male or a lovely Greek female cat name:

Greek Mythology Gods – Names for Male Cats

  1. Apollo – son of Zeus, god of music and arts
  2. Ares – god of war
  3. Hades – god of the underworld
  4. Hermes –  the winged god, messenger of gods
  5. Hypnos – god of sleep
  6. Ja – god of beginnings
  7. Morpheus – god of dreams
  8. Pan – god of the wild
  9. Poseidon – god of seas
  10. Zeus – King of Gods, god of the sky

greek cat names ideas

Greek Mythology Goddesses – Names for Female Cats

  1. Aphrodite – goddess of love, beauty, and desire
  2. Athena – the patron goddess of Athens, goddess of wisdom
  3. Demeter – goddess of harvest
  4. Eos – goddess of dawn
  5. Gaia – Mother earth
  6. Hera – wife of Zeus, Queen of gods
  7. Isis – goddess of the rainbow
  8. Nike – goddess of victory
  9. Rhea – mother of gods
  10. Selene – goddess of the moon

Other Awesome Greek Names Cats

Everyone will be naming their cat on Greek gods and goddesses so try to be a little different. There are so many male Greek cat names to choose from including ancient and new names. We will have a look at male and female Greek cat names separately.  

Male Greek Cat Names

  1. Alexander – Alexander the great
  2. Aristotle – Greek philosopher
  3. Caesar – Julius Caesar 
  4. Evan – young warrior
  5. Leo – lion
  6. Otus – Greek mythological giant
  7. Plato – Greek philosopher
  8. Socrates – Greek Philosopher
  9. Titan – giant
  10. Theseus – early king of Athens

Female Greek Cat Names

  1. Anastasia – resurrection
  2. Arissa – best female
  3. Chloe – strong and sweet
  4. Delphina – little girl
  5. Effie – happiness
  6. Fedora – God-given
  7. Kyra – lady
  8. Olympia – powerful
  9. Venus – love and beauty
  10. Zoe – life

greek cats

Greek cat names based on food, places, and famous people

Why choose boring names for your kitten when you have so many fun ways to choose a name?

Pet names based on popular culture, foods of a specific region, or celebrities sound so unique and interesting. Now seriously consider the following list if you are looking for cool Greek names to name your cat!

  1. Aliki – legendary Greek actress
  2. Athens – Greek capital city
  3. Calamari – Greek seafood
  4. Feta – cheese originated in Greece
  5. Kiki – Greek poet
  6. Moussaka –an eggplant based dish
  7. Olympus – highest mountain in Greece
  8. Ouzo – Greek alcohol drink
  9. Rhodes – Greek island
  10. Santorini – Beautiful Greek island

Good Luck with your Greek Cat Name Search

So here you have a long list of Greek cat names that is enough to get you started! 

A name inspired by a culture you admire is going to make you feel happy when you call your pet by that name!

We will be greatly pleased if you happen to choose your pet’s name based on our list. If a name resonated with you then do go and have a look at the detailed meaning and explanation of the name and give your cat a stellar Greek name!