Fabulous Fall Festival Ideas for Churches to Get Everyone Involved

From thanksgiving to apple picking, fall is a time for family gatherings, pumpkin carving, and of course, some good old fashioned fun. This blog article looks at the role that fall festival ideas for church and what they should do to ensure they are successful this year.

Fall is a gorgeous season to have some fun before the cold winters confine everyone to their cozy homes. It’s the perfect time to get everyone involved in an outdoor activity such as a fall festival.

Many churches arrange fall festivals for the community intending to reach out to the Christian families and motivate them to attend the Sunday service at the church more often. The ultimate objective is to spread the message of Jesus and ultimately turn the people into good Christians!

Let us discuss some pre-festival and post-festival planning along with some great fall festival ideas for churches that will ensure the success of this important community activity by the local church.

Planning a Festival – Fall Festival Ideas for Church

fall festival ideas for church

Planning is the most important part of organizing a festival because you have to put your heart and soul to make people turn up on the day of the festival.

Print out flyers beforehand, with all the information about the upcoming festival, and distribute them in the neighborhood as well as in the whole town. Also, include the church’s location, website address and phone number along with the service timing. 

There are several great fall festival ideas for churches that will make it a memorable and fun day for the community. But remember that you are arranging this festival to make people come to the church in the future as well, therefore, plan the event wisely. 

Plan to:

  • Get people involved as volunteers
  • Choose fun activities that cater to different age groups of people attending the festival
  • Reach out to the people for getting them to attend church services regularly

Great Fall Festival Ideas for Community Involvement

The only way to make a festival rock is by arranging activities that most people love to participate in. You can divide the activities according to the type of people who will be attending the festival.

We have made three categories to ensure that the attendees of the festival can participate in several activities and enjoy their time.

  • Something for Everyone

There should be some interesting activities for everyone to take part in regardless of age and gender. We have come up with some all-inclusive activities that will allow the church to reach out to everyone who comes to the festival.

A Lucky Draw for All Attendees

Set up a Church Information Desk for the community. Ask every adult festival attendee to put their names and email address on a piece of paper for the draw.  Arrange a nice prize to giveaway to one lucky participant. 

Perform a draw at the end of the festival and hand over the prize. The prize could be a gift card for shopping at a grocery store or dinner for two at a good local restaurant. Be thoughtful when arranging the gift!

Food Stalls


There can be no festival without some good food!

Ask the community members to put food stalls of drinks and bakery items. Everyone loves these!

You can have fall-themed cupcakes and cookies and pumpkin-flavored hot drinks for adults.

Fall Themed Photo Booth

fall themed photo booth

Taking photos in photo booths is so much fun. Kids and teenagers as well as couples and families will be queuing to take pictures at the booth.

  • Family Fun Activities

We have a lot of fall festival ideas for church-going families. Many families come to the festival to spend some family time, therefore, there must be some activities that involve the whole family to take part.

Musical Chairs

This game is one of the most popular games for the participants and onlookers alike!

Going around chairs with some music on adds such a happy element to any festival.  Competing for a prize makes the happy vibe even more enjoyable.

Dress a Scarecrow

This is a perfect church fall festival games as well as great family entertainment!

Arrange an equal number of scarecrows and complete dresses to be put on the scarecrows. Family teams will compete with each other to dress up the scarecrows. The team which finishes first is the winner. 

  • Children fun time

Although this event is focused on the whole community yet there has to be the most games for the children attending the festival. Because there is no point in a festival if children are not able to have an awesome time.

When you are planning on some fall festival ideas for church, make sure to infuse them with some morals. Competing against each other teaches children about sportsman spirit. Additionally, the church can arrange some small token gifts for each kid who takes part in a game.

Some fun things to include for children are:

Face Painting

face painting

This activity is appropriate for children of every age group but make sure to use colors that are suitable for painting on the face to avoid any allergies. You can arrange a professional face painter to do the job perfectly.

Lots of Games

Any safe game can be included here such as sack race, spoon and egg race, jumping ropes, and so on.

Competing with each other is a healthy thing but it is more important to let the children have a great time while at the festival!

Fall Festival Ideas for Church – Post Festival Follow-up

After you have successfully arranged a festival, it is time to do the follow-up work!

Church fall festival ideas that you implemented this year will be so handy to plan and execute another great fun festival the next year. Learn from the mistakes and any shortcomings that you had this time to eliminate them in the church’s next community event.

Asking the festival attendees to fill out a form with basic information such as Name and Email address was an ingenious idea because now the church has got an Email list! 

This email list is so important to contact people when you have any special service or event organized by the church in the future.


When it comes to fall festivals, churches definitely have a chance. Not only do they offer a fun atmosphere for the community, but many churches also donate proceeds to charity or support local programs. There are literally thousands of fall festival ideas for church throughout the United States and Canada, so there is sure to be one in your area that fits your interests.