7 Reasons Why You Should Buy iPhone 11

After getting launched on September 10, 2019, iPhone 11 has become the new talk of the town. It won’t be wrong to say that Apple has always managed to surprise its consumers with its cutting-edge features and modifications. Whether, we talk about laptops like MacBook Pro which is considered the best laptop for graphic designers or the cellphones, the features Apple provides are impeccable. And with the launch of iPhone 11, it has kept its legacy this year as well.

Since everybody is talking about this new addition in the Apple smartphone series, I decided to write my next blog on it as well. And why not? Being an iPhone user I have been looking forward to this model too.

So, let’s take a sneak peek at the latest iPhone 11. Here, you will find all the details from its specifications to its price and the reasons why you should buy one.

Without further ado, let’s explore what iPhone 11 is offering to the public and whether it is worth buying or not.



Apple has launched three smartphones in this series iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. It comes in the same size as iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max from 2018. iPhone 11 has been launched in six exciting colors that are;

  • Purple
  • Red
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • White

It has an advanced and much improved dual-camera system that captures everything you see and love. With iOS 13 and exceptional all-day battery life, it keeps you going all day without worrying about the battery of your phone.

Release Date

For all iPhone lovers, the wait is over.

iPhone 11 is all set to release on September 20, while you can pre-order it from the 13th of September. Everybody who is anxiously waiting to get his hands on the new iPhone can purchase it easily after six days from now. Another good news is that it is coming with a one-year subscription to Apple TV Plus in the United States.

Reasons To Buy iPhone 11

In this section, we will discuss some of the significant reasons to buy the iPhone 11. I am sure after reading them; you will feel intrigued to get your hands on this handset. Some of the major reasons are as follows;

  • The iconic dual-camera system
  • Next-generation HDR
  • Amazingly Water Proof
  • Killer Display
  • The latest iOS 13
  • Longest lasting Battery life
  • Incredible price
  1. Iconic Dual Camera System


The new iPhone 11 has this fantastic camera with two lenses that are undoubtedly the standout feature in this handset. A porthole-like sensor on the rear has made things more grandiose for this year. Both of these sensors are 12 MP and take your photos from wide to ultra-wide.

It has the following new features;

Night Mode: Its low light performance is impressive and can capture pretty good night snaps.

Deep Fusion: It allows you to take 9 photos before you press the shutter button while taking a snap. Then on a pixel-by-pixel basis, it decides how to optimize the snap.

Portrait mode: It has a far better portrait mode than iPhone XR. It has a new effect called High Key Mono that makes your image look artsy and professional.

Slow-motion selfie: Appel has introduced this new feature of slow motion selfies which is going to be the new cool in the coming days.

I guess these features are enough to impress photoholic people and can convince them to buy iPhone 11.

  1. Next Generation HDR

iPhone 11 has the smartest HDR, which is most intelligent than ever. It has the ability to recognize people and to treat them differently as compared to the other things in the shot. In this way, faces in the shot get beautiful highlights, shadows, and natural skin tones while the background still looks beautiful. The credit goes to machine learning.

  1. Amazingly Waterproof

Apple has designed iPhone 11 with the toughest glass that can survive a spill and a splash. Its front and back glass has been strengthened through the dual ion-exchange process. As far as water resistance is concerned, it is water-resistant up to 2 meters in depth for almost 30 minutes. That is double the depth of iPhone XR.

Isn’t it mind-blowing?

Like JUST WOW! I am impressed J

  1. Killer Display


Then comes the exciting new display of iPhone 11. Its true-to-life 6.1-inch screen makes it look absolutely stunning. It uses LCD technology known as Liquid Retina display which gives you a decent display. The screen has been designed and calibrated to give you a sharp, bright and clear display with a resolution of almost 1792 x 8288 pixels. Moreover, its screen is easily visible in outdoor settings even on bright days. It can also run up to the 625 nits of brightness which is enough I guess.

  1. The Latest IOS 13


iPhone 11 has stolen the show with the new operating system, i.e. iOS 13. It enables the handset to pack some nifty features and improves the way you interact with your phone on daily basis. What I liked the most is the intelligent mini-notifications. The pop-ups now are more interactive and useful. Face ID has also upgraded with which you can unlock your phone by just glancing at it from your seat. In addition to this, there are new memoji stickers, a swipe typing feature while using the keyboard and you can also use the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options from the control centre.

  1. Longest Lasting Battery Life

Another big reason to buy iPhone 11 is its remarkable battery life. Up till now, iPhone XR was the king with the longest-lasting battery life, but now iPhone 11 is sharing the spot. It has an incredible all-day battery life and fast charging capability. It means you can spend the whole day without charging the cell. A fast charger can give you 35% battery in just 24 minutes of charging. Moreover, it also supports a wireless charger.

  1. Incredible Price

One prominent feature of iPhone 11 that will surely attract users is its price. It has a killer price, lower than the price of iPhone XR from the last year.

Yes, you heard it right!

The price of the iPhone 11 is varying depending upon the regions and the storage of course.

  • In the US, the 64 GB iPhone 11 handset is worth $699 which is quite impressive and 50$ less than iPhone XR. Can you believe this? Apple has undoubtedly won hearts here.
  • In the UK, 64 GB handset costs around £730 saving £20 over XR.
  • In AUS, the same storage handset costs approximately AU$1200.

Similarly, when you opt for more storage options, the price also increases.

  • For 128 GB the price range is approximately $750, £780, AU$1,280
  • For 256 GB the price range is roughly $850, £880, AU$1,450

The Final Verdict

iPhone 11 is a worthwhile investment. I will recommend it if you are looking to buy iPhone 11 for the following three qualities;

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • A decent battery life
  • A powerful camera

Even though it’s not that cheap, but I must say, it’s by far the most cost-effective handset introduced by Apple. It has an incredible battery and an amazing camera. I guess that all you need is a good handset. Trust me; you are not going to regret it.

Let me know what you think about the iPhone 11 in the comments section.