Quest for the Best Concealer for Acne – Our Picks

Many of us have problematic facial skin. Dark circles under the eyes, spots, uneven skin tone, and on top of it all is acne which gives us nightmares on how to fix these to get flawless skin.

Although treating acne must be the first step towards healthy-looking skin, we know that it is going to be a long process. Meanwhile, you are undergoing some acne treatment, you would love to hide it through makeup.  And for that, a concealer is the best option you have got!

How do Concealers Work?

We bet that a lot of you might have used a concealer but we are also sure that many people are reluctant to use one more often. We had the same hesitation to make concealer a regularly used item in our makeup kit but now after seeing the amazing results there is no turning back!

So, it brings us to the basic question of how do concealers work their magic?!

Concealers hide the imperfections of the skin by blending the acne or acne scars with the surrounding skin tone. Also known as color correctors, concealers are very similar to foundations but are denser so they cover the marks and scars perfectly. Concealers can mask dark circles under the eyes, dark spots, freckles, etc. but we will focus more on acne and acne scars in this discussion.

What Features to Look for When Buying the Best Concealer for Acne?

Now that you have decided to try a concealer, how are you going to find one that works for you?

With so many brands and features they offer, you are bound to get confused. To be honest, it is very difficult to find a concealer that covers your acne smoothly instead of making the pimples more prominent.

Using the right concealer is important because an unsuitable concealer will make your skin look patchy and flaky along with clogging the pores that will result in more acne. Therefore, keep in mind the following specifications when selecting a concealer for acne:

  • The best concealer for oily acne prone skin is the one that is oil-free and non-comedogenic as they do not block the pores
  • Pick the concealer that has salicylic acid in it which aids in unblocking the already blocked pores
  • Choose a concealer that has Sun Protection Factor (SPF) as acne medication renders the skin more sensitive to sunlight

Our 5 picks – Choose the Best Concealer for Acne that Suits You!

Here is our list of some great concealers out there. You can select one that fits your needs and pocket!

1.  Fit Me Concealer by Maybelline New York – Price $5.99

Fit me concealer

The best thing about this concealer is it being oil-free and noncomedogenic which makes it very unlikely to clog the pores. It gives great coverage for acne and is the best concealer for acne scars. Fit Me Concealer has 9 fabulous shades to choose from. To pick the shade that suits you best go for 2 shades lighter than your skin tone for a flawless complexion.

2.  PhotoReady Candid Antioxidant Concealer by Revlon – Price $9.99

PhotoReady Candid Antioxidant Concealer by Revlon

This concealer not only gives awesome acne coverage, but it has also got several protective ingredients for delicate skin.  The vitamin E, titanium oxide, and antioxidants shield the sensitive skin from pollution and many other external factors while preventing more acne breakout. These features make it the best concealer for sensitive acne prone skin. It blends incredibly well and has great value for money.

3.  SkinClearing Blemish Concealer by Neutrogena – Price $9.99

SkinClearing Blemish Concealer by Neutrogena

You can easily call this concealer the best drugstore concealer for acne. It has salicylic acid which helps in treating acne while beta hydroxy acid helps in clearing oil from the pores. These qualities make it a concealer as well as acne treatment at the same time. Neutrogena’s MicroClear technology claims to minimize blemishes and makes skin look clearer. It comes in 4 shades to give a natural complexion.

4.  Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer by Dermablend Professional – Price $28.00

Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer by Dermablend Professional

Look no further than this Dermablend Cover Care for the best concealer for pitted acne scars. It is a hydrating concealer with vegetable glycerin which gives a soft finish. This creamy lightweight formula fully covers deep acne scars, discoloration, and dark spots effectively. It is worth the money spent on it.

5.  Hello FAB Bendy Avocado Concealer by First Aid Beauty – Price $22.00

Hello FAB Bendy Avocado Concealer by First Aid Beauty

If you get acne breakout every now so often, then this is the right choice for you. It has got nourishing ingredients such as avocado oil and vitamin E which make it the best concealer for acne prone skin. The other features that make it a great buy are a fact that it is allergy-tested, cruelty-free, vegan as well as free from soy, nuts, gluten, nano, and parthenolide. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Concealer for Acne

Many good concealers can hide acne and acne marks perfectly. The important thing is to apply it in a way that gives a flawless finish instead of making your face look patchy. Another factor to keep in mind is hygiene so that you do not aggravate your acne problem.

Remember that the acne treatment renders the skin dry so the use of a concealer on such skin makes it look flaky and scaly. Therefore, to avoid the skin from being too dry, drink a lot of water. Using a hydrating face wash and moisturizer can also help.

Apply concealer with a clean sponge or brush instead of using your fingertips. Fingers can spread bacteria onto your skin which can lead to more acne and skin irritation. A sponge helps in applying a smooth layer of concealer so go with it. Clean your makeup sponges and brushes more often.

Apply a primer before concealer and foundation so that your makeup stays on for longer!