20 Best Bedroom Wall Art Ideas in 2023

Room décor is an essential part of our lives. Whether you’re a minimalist or a bohemian style lover, your bedroom wall art should showcase your taste. It doesn’t only uplift the overall bedroom décor but also boosts the resident’s mood. Our bedroom is like a sanctuary. So, when we get inside after a long and tiring day, we want to be surrounded by the things we love. Therefore, the wall art for the bedroom must be selected with great care.

Below we have shared some bedroom wall decor that works well with every room, especially master bedroom wall decor ideas. So, keep reading to find the one that suits your taste and tick another bucket list idea in your notepad.

Best Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Bedroom artwork tells a lot about the resident’s tastes. So, read below to find some exciting ideas for bedroom wall art above bed or dresser, etc.

  1. Three Isn’t a Crowd

    three Isn’t a Crowd
    They may say two’s company, three’s crowd, but it isn’t right in the case of wall art for bedroom. Choose three pieces that exhibit your taste and hang them above the bed, over the fireplace, or above the dresser.

  2. Reflect, Don’t Retract

    Mirrors have a way of making rooms appear spacious. So, if your bedroom is small, consider placing a mirror at a strategic place to channel in all the natural light. It will make your room appear bright and spacious. You can choose a mirror that goes with the rest of the bedroom décor, or you can get a statement mirror to standout.

  3. Make a Statement

    Make a Statement
    Your bedroom wall art must exhibit your taste, but it should also be able to make a statement of its own. A picture hanging Brisbane service recommends that incorporate some or at least one statement piece on your walls. However, if you’re using a statement piece like a vintage painting, don’t clutter your walls with other art pieces.

    Celebrate your journey together with anniversary gifts integrated into bedroom wall art. Frame a cherished photo as a centerpiece or create a gallery wall extravaganza that tells your story. Opt for regal gold frames and antique plates representing shared history, or drop a curtain for added texture and coziness. Let your bedroom walls reflect your tastes and the beautiful journey you’ve shared.

  4. Let the Wall Do the Talking

    let the Wall Do the Talking

    A bold color or pattern for the bedroom’s wallpaper should be able to stand out. However, it isn’t mandatory to use patterned wallpaper. You can go with a neutral color complemented with some matching art pieces. But make sure you don’t choose clashing colors for the wallpaper and art pieces. They should complement each other and not feel like a burden to the eyes.

  5. Go Vintage

    You can literally never go wrong with vintage, especially if the room is minimalistic and neutral. Get some vintage posters from a local market or online and hang them above the bed or the console.

  6. Mix and Match

    The bedroom art doesn’t have to be all paintings and art pieces; you can also combine different mediums. The two elements most commonly used together include ceramics and prints. So, hang some porcelain sculptures or earthenware on the walls with floral patterns.

  7. Bring the Outsides In

    bring the Outsides In
    Nobody said that a master bedroom wall décor could not use a little touch of greenery. You can hang floating shelves above the bed or dresser and place small plant pots. Nowadays, succulents are very trendy in home décor. So, get some uber-chic planters and pots to house your succulents in.

  8. Mimic a Mural

    Wall murals or wall decals for bedroom are also an exciting way of adding the essential pizzazz to your room. If your artistic skills are good, try creating a design yourself, or you can also hire someone to do it for you.

  9. Mount Those Antlers

    Do you know what stands out at once when someone steps into your bedroom? Antlers! Yes, if you have a pair of antlers hanging above your bed or a fireplace, they will be a show stopper. However, you don’t need actual antlers as they are readily available in décor stores. Get a metal or plastic pair that suits your décor and mount them on your wall.

  10. Built-In Bookcases

    What’s more exciting than using something you cherish as a bedroom décor item? If you’re a reader with a self-built library, use the books to complement your bedroom walls. You can use built-in bookcases or customized ones to suit your needs. House your favorite editions of books on the shelves and bring your bedroom walls to life.

  11. A Gallery Wall Extravaganza

    a Gallery Wall Extravaganza
    A gallery wall is the perfect display option for your bedroom artwork. It adds a touch of personalization to the bedroom. Moreover, the place looks more lived-in with a gallery wall. You can use different wall arts, framed pieces, personal portraits, and your own artwork.

  12. Give a Touch of Gold

    Gold has a regal air to it. It can amp-up a place without being too pompous. Use dull gold photo frames to display your portraits or painting in the bedroom. If your bedroom is painted in a gemstone color, like ruby, emerald, or amethyst, similarly gilded frames in gold would undoubtedly give it a royal touch.

  13. Mix It Up With Textiles

    A bedroom needs to show its resident’s taste, but it doesn’t necessarily have to do it through wall art for bedroom. It can also incorporate other textures and materials. For instance, a textile wall hanging or a tapestry at the bed’s back wall would look great. You can also use similar patterns, colors, or textures in wall art, rugs, pillows, throws, etc. It will bind the entire room’s look and present a cohesive picture.

  14. Fire It Up

    If your bedroom doesn’t have enough space on the walls to showcase your art, you need to incorporate style in something else. A statement fireplace is a perfect item to do it. Mount a pair of antlers above it if you’re going for a minimalistic look. Or create an entire gallery wall above it.

  15. Don’t Underestimate the Antiques

    Antiques can create a classic look for a bedroom. It depends on you if you want to go all out and bathe the entire room in antiques or carefully select one or two classic statement pieces. In both ways, space will give a historic aura.

  16. Plates Aren’t for Eating

    An unexpected but quite popular piece of bedroom décor is antique plates. You can hang an array of the assorted antique plate above your bed, dresser, fireplace, or console. Antique plates can be selected to present a theme. Or, you can choose any that attracts the eye and then hang them on the wall.

  17. Brighten It Up

    If the entire room is tied up to a theme and follows a neutral or dull color palette, crank it up a notch. Bringing in a little brightness always helps. So, choose a wall hanging or a painting in bright colors and hang it at a focal point in the bedroom.

  18. Bring in the Bricks

    Bring in the Bricks
    If your bedroom has an industrial style and you want to maintain a clutter-free aesthetic, add a brick wall. The best place for a brick wall would be behind the bed or the fireplace. It adds a subtle allure and pop to the room without making it too obvious. It also keeps the minimal aesthetic intact.

  19. Go Big or Go Home

    When it comes to bedroom wall art above bed, you can never go wrong by going big. Choose a single eye-catching artwork and hang it above the bed. You can also hang your own portrait (if that doesn’t make you seem a little narcissistic).

  20. Drop the Curtain

    Drop the Curtain
    Adding textures and textiles to the bedroom décor can have a tremendous impact on the overall aesthetic. So, add a curtained backdrop to a dull and boring wall. Curtains can add a cozy and homey vibe to the bedroom.

The Bottom Line

Bedrooms are a place to relax and unwind. Therefore, the wall art for the bedroom must be selected with great care. Besides wall art, you can even go for MDF wall panelling. Adding bedroom wall art that resonates with the resident’s taste can enhance the entire experience. So, choose a style carefully and then get decorating.