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How to Put Together a Baby Memory Box?

Having a baby is a very emotional and sentimental time in your life. Even if you already have children or if it is your firstborn, you would want to keep some baby things safe to look back on the precious moments. You may also want to gift these keepsakes to your child when he or she is old enough to understand the value of those memories.

Because there will be many things that occur or are used in a baby’s life for the first time so you can form a certain attachment to a lot of things. What it means is that your baby’s memory box would be overflowing with stuff!

If you want to avoid ending up with boxes and boxes of useless things then read on to know what should be kept in the memory box and what should be left out.

baby memory box

How to Start a Memory Box for a Baby?

Every child is unique so there will be a lot of unique things that you would love to keep as a memory. We think that a memory box should be reasonably big to hold all the cherished stuff. You wouldn’t want to transfer the things in a bigger box more often as we believe that you will get a personalized baby memory box to hold all the stuff. 

Having a memory box with the baby’s name on it is the perfect way to collect the baby’s memories. You can easily get a customized memory box from various specialty stores. You can also craft your handmade box using any material of choice for a more personal touch!

What Should be Included in a Baby Memory Box?

what to include in a memory box

It is all up to you!

You can put anything in the memory box that is related to your baby. You want to open the box years later and remember the happy memories that each of the things in this box carries. Therefore, we will advise you to add objects that hold a sentimental value for you.

You can start by adding the following things in the memory box of your baby and anything else too that you feel important enough.

  • Baby’s ultrasound picture
  • Wristbands from hospital
  • Their first outfit
  • Photograph from day one
  • A newspaper showing their birth date
  • Newborn’s footprints and handprints
  • A personalized baby book
  • First toy
  • A lock of hair from the first haircut
  • First mittens 
  • Pair of socks
  • Baby shoes
  • Letters from grandparents
  • First birthday picture
  • There will be so many things that you would love to save so decide wisely!

When to Stop Collecting for Baby Memory Box?

Again it is your personal choice. Many parents stop collecting after their first birthday but there is no hard and fast rule. You can keep on adding more things from your child’s preschool and then school-going time. Collect things that resonate with you but don’t make your memory box cluttered. For example, you can add the following things to your child’s collection:

  • Their first drawing
  • Picture from the first day of school
  • Any award or trophy
  • First passport
  • A picture with a favorite pet
  • Annual report cards
  • Favorite childhood baby books for girls
  • Yearly birthday cards

A great way to organize your memory box is to put similar things together in an album, journal, or a smaller box that fits easily in the big memory box. It helps to add more things to the collection easily and find a particular memory without digging into the whole box.

Some Cute Baby Memory Box Ideas

cute baby memory box ideas

A memory box should be of decent size so that it can hold all the important objects. But also make sure that it is not too heavy otherwise you will be struggling to take it out and put it back.

Memory boxes are usually made of wood but there are many ways you can design and style your baby’s memory box. You can have your personalized baby memory box made to order from specialty craft shops. Every box is going to have a baby’s name on it but there is so much you can add to it. Some of our picks for cute memory boxes are:

  • Wooden baby memory box with the baby’s name on it
  • A box with baby’s footprints and name
  • Box showing calendar of birthday month and birth date
  • Sky themed memory box
  • Butterflies on the box
  • Jungle themed memory box
  • Favorite baby quote etched on the box
  • Stars on the box
  • Cartoon character pictures on the box
  • Printable sticker on the box with any picture of your choice

What Not to Put in a Memory Box?

These are simple enough things but sometimes we just forget about them when putting together a memory box. The don’ts for a memory box are:

  • Anything perishable over time
  • An object that does not help you recall a memory attached with it
  • Any item that can make your child embarrassed

When to Hand Over a Baby Memory Box to your Child?

You can keep this memory box a secret and surprise your child when it is time to give the box in their custody or you can collect things together with them if you like to make it a joint activity. You can even make a yearly ritual of taking out the memory box and go over the collections with your child. This occasion can be used to add any new things and take out anything that you feel is not important enough for a collection. This is also an opportunity to tell your child about the significance of the things included in the memory box.

In short, you can hand over the memory box to its rightful owner when you think is the appropriate time. Or you can give the box to your child when they enter their teen years or wait till they are 18 years of age. 

Collect the beautiful memories of your child in a box and cherish them for years to come!