Top 10 Amazon USA Stores and How to Find Them

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces at the moment. We can find anything and everything being sold on Amazon. There are hundreds of sellers with thousands of products to be sold. According to statistics, currently, there are 2.5 million active sellers on Amazon. Due to such a huge number of options available, it becomes hard to find our legitimate stores. But with a variety of sellers, the chances of getting scammed are relatively high. So, what should we do if we want to find one reliable store on Amazon USA? Keep reading to find out.

Although Amazon stores are very famous nowadays, still some people want to visit stores personally e.g. target stores that are very popular and have a large number of stores. In this article, we have shared details about Amazon Prime. We have also shared the top ten bestsellers on Amazon US. So, continue reading below to find out the bestsellers on Amazon USA.

What is Amazon and Amazon Prime?

Amazon is an online marketplace with a variety of stores from all over the world. These stores sell different items that can be purchased from their online sites.

On the other hand, Amazon Prime USA is a paid subscription. It offers access to multiple services from different providers. It also includes the following:

  • two-day shipping
  • music
  • TV shows
  • movies
  • music streaming
  • photo storage
  • free eBooks

These services are not available to anyone else. Only people with Amazon Prime subscription can access these.
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Top Stores at Amazon USA

Keep reading below to find the bestseller stores on Amazon USA. We have shared details about these stores and what products they sell. So, read on to find the best stores selling anything and everything under the sun on Amazon.


Store Items: Bathing Products, Oral Hygiene Products, Kitchen Cleaning Items, Gaming, Vitamin Supplements, Medications, Beauty Products

Store Link


Store Items: Mobile/Laptop/Tablet/Computer Accessories, Chargers, Power Banks, Batteries, USB Cables, Speakers, Headphones/Earbuds
Store Link


Store Items: Shoes, Bags, Clothes, Accessories

Store Link


Store Items: Shoes, Socks, Jewelry, Undergarments, Clothes, Bags, Face Masks
Store Link

Utopia Deals

Store Items: Home Items, Kitchen Items

Store Link

Asurion, LLC

Store Items: Protection Plans

Store Link

Spigen Inc

Store Items: Mobile Phone Covers, Smart Watch Covers

Store Link


Store Items: Candles, Multivitamins, Baby Monitors, Home Fragrance Mists, Pet Accessories, Herbal Tea
Store Link

EPFamily Direct

Store Items: Houseware Organizers
Store Link


Store Items: iPad/Tablet Cases, Laptop Cases, Nintendo Cases, Apple TV Remote Cases
Store Link

Tips for Shopping Safe on Amazon USA

Below we have shared some tips about buying safely on Amazon and Amazon Prime USA. If you keep these in mind, you will stay safe from any scams.

Directly Purchase from

While buying from Amazon, purchase either from your trusted stores or directly from When you buy directly from Amazon, you can easily return the product if needed. You may not even need to return the product, and they will refund your money. Moreover, you will get precisely what you see on-screen. Moreover, their products also qualify for free two-day Prime shipping.

To find the products sold by, examine the seller’s information. If it says ships from or sold by, you are good to go.

Beware of Fake Discounts

Discounts excite us, too, but that doesn’t mean we click on everything that says xyz% off. You will find some products to be on sale all year round on some sellers’ accounts. These are fake discounts designed to lure customers. Due to such enticing offers, many people end up getting scammed. Such sellers may either send a low-quality product or commit some other type of fraud. So, it’s better to be aware of such fake discounts and avoid any inconvenience.

Every Review is Not True

Sellers often try to do some sleuthing by manipulating their product reviews. There are places where you can buy positive reviews. These reviews are not genuine and may mislead a customer into purchasing a particular product.

To detect fake reviews, download a Chrome extension for ReviewMania on Google Chrome. It will help you identify suspicious and fake reviews.

Ensure the Seller’s Credibility

If you pay attention to the basic stuff, you can easily differentiate between an authentic and a scam seller. Look at the following things before you make a purchase from any seller:

  • Check the Manufacture and Product

Different things can help you understand if a product is authentic or not. The company’s name, product description, product images, and other relevant details must be available. These things can help establish a seller’s and a product’s credibility.

  • Check the Seller of Amazon USA

When you tap on the seller’s name, it should take you to a new page. It must be linked to the seller’s website. You can also Google the seller and see what you find. A legitimate seller should have a website and a Wikipedia page to assert its credibility.

  • Amazon Fulfillment

It is advised that you buy products directly from However, if it is not possible, at least make sure the product says fulfilled by Amazon. It means that you are buying from a third-party seller with items at Amazon’s distribution centers. If a product is fulfilled by Amazon, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any issues with it. But it will help with a smoother delivery and return if needed.

Shopping from Amazon USA Stores

While online shopping has made things easier, there is always a fear attached to it. Hundreds of people buy lots of items from Amazon on a daily basis. Not all of them get scammed, but some do. So, it is advised that you should buy from authentic Amazon stores only. You can also consider Amazon’s bestseller stores to find the one that suits you.