5 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Looking Good

Housekeeping is a necessary evil that has been taking up the majority of our time and energy. 

Frankly, it feels like you are always running around picking up the crumbs on your floor, wiping down counters, and scrubbing toilets instead of being able to spend time with others. 

If you ask yourself why we put so much effort into housekeeping when it’s not as important as something else in life, then here are some ways that you can cut down on the time you spend on it.

Non-Intrusive Ways to Stay on Top of the Housework

To stay on top of the housework, you need to establish a housekeeping schedule that works for you. 

Our dirty house is a reflection of how overworked we are in life because we spend most of our time working and living out of our homes. 

Therefore, it makes sense to try to figure out ways that can help you stay on top of the housework. Here are some really easy ways.

1. Put Everything In Its Place

Living with other people inevitably means mess, but it doesn’t have to be a completely unorganized mess.

Invest in making sure everything has its place. 

If you’re working at home or you like to work out at home, for example, think about getting a garden room from Ecorooms.co.uk to move all of the stuff to its place rather than having your laptop or weights cluttering up indoors.

2. Use Clever Storage

Clever storage ideas can ensure that you know where everything is and can avoid wasting time looking for things.

You can get stackable drawers and baskets that are convenient for storing items you’ll use throughout the week.

If you have kids, getting items that are in their color or design may encourage them to keep up with housework. 

3. Clean Everyday Rather Than As You Feel Like It

It’s easy to lose track of time when you don’t dedicate a set amount of time each day to cleaning – you could have a whole afternoon free and still not have the energy or focus to clean after work, for example.

So, commit to cleaning up your house every single day rather than leaving things until you feel like it.

You’ll find there are a few quick things you can do every day that will make a difference – maybe washing some dishes as soon as you use them or tidying up kitchen counters. 

With time, you’ll be able to build up more time on the weekends to do the bigger projects like scrubbing down your shower or washing windows. 

4. Use Tech To Help

Take advantage of technology and put an automated note about cleaning on your to-do list or calendar. 

You can set your house to e-mail you a reminder about how many days until you need to do something or when certain items (toiletries, and food) expire. 

Another way is to put reminders on your smartphone with checklists that remind you what needs to be done. 

5. Get Organized

The organization is the key to staying on top of housekeeping chores

Whether it’s putting things in their place before they get dirty, setting up appointment calendars with cleaners or other people in your home, good organization will help keep your mind as well as your house tidy.