10 Things to Know If You Want to Date an Athletic Girl

You just met a girl and guess, what is the first thing that you noticed about her?!

She is an athletic girl who loves to work out and keep herself in shape!

Will you be put off by this fact or are you going to love this side of her personality?

Many people get intimidated by women who are into the gym and exercise. Being an athletic female, the chances are that she is an independent woman who would want to do most of the hard work herself and will not require you to help her out in many household chores that other women cannot do without some help.

There are so many aspects you must consider if you want to experience dating athletic women who love physical activities and working out on a daily basis. You need to fully recognize what you are getting yourself into!

Let us dig a little deeper into the world of a girl who likes to keep herself fit!

1. Beware of all the Sweat

She is not afraid to sweat and by this, we mean a lot!

This girl loves being sweaty because she knows the advantages of sweating out during gym. Not a girl who hesitates to meet you right after her workout while still in her drenched gym attire. If you do not like such a sight and smell then dating athletic women is not for you.

Mind you that she will go take a shower first thing when she reaches home so do not make your decision about her in haste!

2. Works Out for her Own Sake

work out

She goes through a tough exercise program to reach her objectives. This girl is not keeping fit to impress you or anybody else. Working out is for her pleasure intending to lead a healthy lifestyle. For her, working out is more fun than going shopping or just sitting in front of the television.

Being with such a woman will also motivate you to be more actively involved in exercise and reap benefits from this healthy union.

3. A Sports Bra is her Secret Undergarment

sports bra

It is not a secret anymore!

Any athletic woman is going to love her sports outfits and undergarments that make her comfortable during everyday workouts. A sports bra is one such thing that she would love to use all the time owing to its comfort factor. But her perfect figure is going to look ravishing in formal dresses as well so wait for an occasion to see her in a gorgeous long dress!

4. A Large Appetite for the Athletic Lady

She can eat a lot in one go but don’t you dare make her feel bad about it!

Don’t worry about her portion size as she is going to burn all those extra calories in the gym so she needs the nourishment for an extensive workout. Do consider this before dating an athletic girl if you only consume smoothies and salads to survive!

5. Let her Watch her Games

You will be glad that she loves to watch sports (cricket, basketball, tennis). You can watch a game on television together or go to a match together without one of you being bored to the core!

Unlike other women, an athletic girl knows the ins and outs of any sport and you can hold an interesting conversation on match results and stats but do not argue on the performance of her favorite team. Also, if she is watching her favorite sports, do not disturb her and she will reciprocate you with the same!

6. She is a Team Player

Being athletic-minded she knows the value of working as a team. She will want to make a team in your relationship as well which ensures one thing that you can count on her for playing an equal part in nurturing your partnership.

In addition, it also means that you need to be approved by her team members to be included in their circle!

7. Do not Compete with Her

As a man, you are most likely to do more heavy work out or outrun her while you go for a run together but it does not make her any less than you are. Make it a fun collaboration instead of a competition and you will enjoy your time together a lot.

A word of caution though! Do not let her win a game or match on purpose. She will know it and will hate you for this favor!

8. Sneakers are her Go-to Footwear


You are going to see a sporty girl in sneakers most of the time as she cannot think of better footwear for daily chores be it going to the gym, casual strolling, or shopping. To be honest she thinks that sneakers are made for all the activities one can think of!

9. More Hiking and Cycling Vacations

With an athletic girl by your side, you will end up going on vacations that require a lot of physical activity. She is not going to complain at all if her legs and feet hurt by the end of the day!

We hope that you will be able to cope with the hard work that goes into hiking and cycling!

10. Can Pack Bags in a Jiffy

She can pack her luggage on short notice and get ready to go anywhere instantly!

She only has to pack her sportswear and she is good to go. Her bag size is going to be a small one or even if it is a large one she can manage to lift and drag it on her own!

So, the above ten points are the basics of what to know about dating athletic women that will help you to make this relationship work. 

Athletic females are more independent and they know how to handle themselves in most situations. If you want to be a knight in shining armor for the athletic ladies out there then you better find somebody else!